Why should the rules change? “Given the nature of these documents, their delivery now falls under the strict regime of qualified hand delivery. Considering that communication with authorities and companies is generally moving more to digital basissalary and wage assessments should not be left aside in the future,” said the spokesman of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, Jakub Augusta.

A number of companies have announced that they will limit employee benefits:

A number of businesses will begin to cut back on employee benefits.  Because of savings in the state budget, the government has decided to limit their tax benefits from next year, from which they promise an extra hundred billion crowns.

Companies will cut benefits because of the government. See what the most common ones are

Newly, the law will consider a report containing a wage or salary estimate as received if the employee confirms it electronically. For example, it “clicks off” the receipt of an e-mail. “However, the proposal for a new adjustment also includes the employer’s obligation to ensure that the employee can save and print the assessment delivered in this way,” Augusta pointed out.

It is already allowed to deliver wage and salary assessments data box. The possibilities of sending these documents electronically will probably expand even further in the future. “The specific form is not determined a priori by law, because it is impossible to predict what all the electronic systems employers use or how their form will develop in the following years,” explained Augusta.

Compromise solution

According to him, the resulting proposal is a compromise solution that the officials chose after discussions with the social partners in a tripartite meeting. “The submitted proposal was rejected by the representatives of the trade unions, saying that they want to maintain the current arrangement. Employers’ representatives, on the other hand, would prefer the complete liberalization of the transmission of wage and salary assessments,” stated Augusta.

However, according to Tomáš Ervín Dombrovský from Alma Career Czechia (formerly LMC), which is the largest service provider for labor market in the Czech Republic and operates, for example, the websites Jobs.cz and Prace.cz. “I wouldn’t see any big risks in this, rather, on the contrary, benefits for both parties, speeding up mutual correspondence and eliminating paperwork,” he assessed.

If companies wanted to keep their employees last year, they had to “hit their pockets” more than before:

Wages across professions in the Czech Republic are growing.  A beginner programmer takes 80 thousand.  Illustrative image

Who has what salary? A beginner programmer takes 80 thousand, they have bad luck in schools

He added that now it is not even worth it for employers to try to cheat their workers with some feints. “Sometimes, in the event of economic difficulties, there may be a temporary reduction of the salary or the removal of some of its bonus components. In the vast majority of cases, however, employers inform about this in time,” admitted Dombrovský.

He has no concerns about the misuse of the news. “We are in a situation where there are not enough people on the labor market and retaining the capable ones is not easy,” he added.