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Natacha Valenzuela (53) was born in Viña del Mar, studied journalism and always...

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The government's emblematic promise to forgive the debt generated by the State Guaranteed...
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Comments on the debacle against Hoffenheim: “It was an absolute disaster” |

Instead of providing balm for the battered souls of the home fans, Darmstadt 98 caused the next embarrassment in the last Bundesliga home game. After the slap against Hoffenheim there was deep disappointment.

SV Darmstadt wanted to say goodbye to its fans with dignity at what will be their last Bundesliga home game for the time being. Instead, the relegated team was 0:6 home debacle presented by TSG Hoffenheim on Sunday. The voices about the game:

Torsten Lieberknecht (Darmstadt): “It’s disgraceful how we presented ourselves in this game. Losing at this level is not what we imagined. We put in a performance that is inexcusable. You could see why we were relegated and only 17 points I’m at a loss for words today, it’s incredibly painful. We not only disappointed ourselves, but also the fans with this performance.”

Paul Fernie (Sports Director Darmstadt): “The performance in the first half is unacceptable. Period, done. That’s so undisciplined. Nobody on the pitch did their job. It doesn’t matter whether you have a five-year contract or are without a contract. It’s always about demonstrating basic behavior as a professional athlete. It’s not a nice feeling when you’re sitting on the bench and you concede a goal after two minutes. It felt like this continued throughout the first half and you thought to yourself: My God, when will the game be over? That is perhaps symptomatic of our season. The situation is such that we have already been relegated. Everyone knows that. There are expiring contracts, everyone knows that. But I do expect that the daily work is there, that everyone at least has the attitude to show themselves.”

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The Darmstadt PK after the game against Hoffenheim

lily pk

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Christoph Klarer (Darmstadt): “After a game like this, it’s appropriate to face the fans, even if they probably don’t want to see our faces and it’s not nice words after what we offered today. We completely fell apart today, but that’s what we wanted Actually avoid a start like last week in Wolfsburg. It was an absolute disaster. We have to accept the criticism that comes our way This week doesn’t get any worse.”

Marvin Mehlem (Darmstadt): “After the Wolfsburg game we said to ourselves that we shouldn’t concede any early goals anymore. Then it’s hard to get something. The fans will probably laugh at us when I say that we fought. In our current situation “We’ll never, ever manage to score a goal. I’ll be happy when the season is over.”

Pellegrino Matarazzo (Hoffenheim coach): “I think you saw what our idea was. First and foremost, three points were important, but we also knew that every goal counts. We just wanted to keep going and the result was 6-0. The Europa League is within reach. We have a final at home next week against Bayern, which will definitely be fun.”

Maximilian Beier (Hoffenheim, two goalscorer): “We got into it really well and took advantage of our chances. It couldn’t be better.”

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