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Column by Gonzalo Cordero: And where is the pilot?

In the seventies of the last century, cinema had several films about great tragedies, such as “Hell in the Tower” or “Airport.” In the following years it was the turn of parodies, one of the best was the brilliant production, starring Leslie Nielsen, “And Where is the Pilot?” Art also follows Marx’s maxim, that history is first experienced as tragedy and then as farce. Politics has good examples of the same and lately our leaders remind us of them almost daily.

Starting in October 2019, it seemed that we were getting ready to resume the failed experiment of Popular Unity. The period of stability and growth symbolized in the so-called “thirty years” was seen as a parenthesis that would be buried without honors. Chile would be the tomb of neoliberalism. A constituent assembly, symbolically represented by the conventional one of sad memory, whose most famous phrase was that he preferred that “Chile be shit, but for everyone, or for no one”, would make the new constitution, popular and participatory.

In this environment, drunkenness of Octubrism one could also say, we elected the government of a new coalition: I Approve Dignity. Their parties, Frente Amplio and PC, figuratively told us that we would approve a new constitution and, through it, we would finally achieve the longed-for dignity that neoliberalism, with the privatization of social rights and abuses, had taken from us.

This is how a young team arrived in La Moneda, the “goats” of the student mobilizations occupied each of the ministerial offices of the government palace and at the head their main leader, with Allende’s glasses, to clear up any doubts. Many of us prepared to experience the conclusion of the tragedy, but this time – only this time – Marx was right, the farce was beginning.

The government is looking more and more like that Nielsen plane. With all their revolutionary and re-founding efforts having failed miserably, their alleged moral superiority buried, their romantic view of immigration defeated by reality and overwhelmed by organized crime, they now tell us that they value the Carabineros and that they never liked the matapacos dog: “it was an offensive and degrading figure,” President Boric tells us. Who would have thought, then it didn’t seem like it.

Looking back, it all began with the visit of Dr. and Minister Siches to Temucuicui, there we should have realized what was coming. It seems symbolic that Nielsen’s character in that film, Dr. Rumack, was a doctor with a stethoscope around his neck.

In the week after the murder of the three police officers that shocked the country, one could ask, where is the President? I found the answer on the social network X, commenting on a restaurant in the Lastarria neighborhood: “One of the best homemade mayonnaise in Santiago. Yesterday and today. The Shop, appropriately refreshing.” Reality surpasses the best fiction.

By Gonzalo Corderolawyer

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