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Colo Colo gets tangled in El Salvador and draws with Cobresal

Colo Colo I needed to continue gaining and regaining confidence to face the challenges ahead. With the Copa Libertadores in his sights, the Cacique sought not to be left behind in the upper zone of the National Championship. However, he failed and He got tangled up in his tough visit to Cobresal in El Salvador. It was a bitter 2-2 for Macul’s team.

The whites started with difficulty. The problems materialized even before the initial whistle, as Gonzalo Castellani was injured in the warm-up. The 36-year-old midfielder burst into the stellar lineup with the purpose of gaining continuity, since he was anticipated as a starter in the crucial duel of the continental competition against Fluminense after the suspensions of Gil and Vidal. However, a muscle complication in his calf left him out of the match and Esteban Pavez entered his replacement.

Cobresal surprised and had an intense start, but the Cacique quickly took care of clearing up any type of doubt. In the second minute, Damian Pizarro It sealed a good overflow by Zavala in anticipation of a great collective play. The striker, who had just scored a double (and his first goal of the season), once again shook off the criticism and established himself as the top scorer in the tournament, with three goals. A reflection of the resurgence of the striker and the poor productivity of Colocolina on offense.

The duel did not slow down. Colo Colo sought to build with more elaboration, while the miners dedicated themselves to doing damage with quick transitions. There were chances on both sides and, at times, it was a back-and-forth game.

In the 36th minute came partial parity. Valencia made a great personal play on the left wing and Diego Coelho took a header. A tie that was shouted with doubts, since the goal had to be ratified by the VAR when transferring minimally the goal line.

In the discounts came a new goal after an unusual penalty by Francisco Alarcón. The defender tried to beat Palacios in a duel, but he made it difficult to hold the ball in his own area and took a completely unnecessary risk. He kept the ball longer than he should, at the limit of retention, and lost possession, committing an infraction against Zavala. Vidal He changed Gamboa’s charge into a goal with a powerful execution and Colo Colo took the lead.

The complement continued along the same lines. Both teams shared control of the ball, but the game continued at a high pace. The two teams went out in search of something and there were opportunities for both. For example, the club avoided two white goals, while the miners were not effective in the definition.

Only in ’72 came a new discount that leveled the balance. Cobresal, who had had a series of chances like Cacique, surprised again with a good goal from Coelho. The striker made a great break and connected with a center from Franco Lobos. Great goal from the striker, which was celebrated with everything in El Salvador.

Four minutes later came an action that entangled Colo Colo even more. Zavala, who had been one of the most important offensive agents of the white team, stepped on Lobos. Gamboa was a short distance away and did not hesitate to show the red card, however, he rejected his charge after going to the VAR.

The Chief felt the positive impact of this and set out in search of victory. However, poor definitions made an important victory impossible. The parity distances the white team from the fight for the National Championship and, if the U defeats Deportes Iquique, they could be ten points behind their archrival.

Cobresal (2): L. Requena; G. Pacheco, C. Toro, F. Alarcón (46′, F. Bechtholdt), M. Jorquera; G. Lezcano (46, C. Mesías), D. Céspedes (67′, L. Navarro), L. Valencia; F. García (67′, F. Barrientos), D. Coelho and C. Munder (55′, F. Lobos).

Colo Colo (2): B. Cortes; EITHER. Opazo, M. Falcón, E. Amor, É. Wiemberg; A. Vidal, E. Pavez, L. Gil; C. Zavala (80′, L. Benegas), D. Pizarro (64′, M. Bolados) and C. Palacios.

Goals: 0-12′, Pizarro, after a pass from Zavala; 1-136′, Coelho, after a center from Valencia; 2-145+4′, Vidal, from a penalty; 2-272′, Coelho, when connecting a delivery from Lobos.

Referee: N. Gamboa. He admonished Coelho, Messiah (COB); Cortés, Vidal, Zavala and Opazo (CC).

El Cobre Stadium in El Salvador. 2,551 spectators attended.

In italics, youth players.

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