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Cobresal falls to Talleres and mortgages its Sudamericana options

Cobresal You return empty-handed from Córdoba. The Chilean team played an intelligent game against Workshopsbut the entry of the starters at the end of the duel sentenced the fate of the mining team that they lost 1-0 with a goal in the 83rd minute.

Gustavo Huerta’s team added 2 points in Group B, the same as Barcelona de Guayaquil, which now visits Sao Paulo. Chileans and Ecuadorians define on the last date of the group for third place, a place that allows them to play in the South American playoffs.

The Chilean runner-up was in no way intimidated by the leader of the group who, knowing that qualification for the round of 16 is assured, put together a team with many substitutes.

And on the Mario Alberto Kempes field there were no major differences between the leader of the area and the last one, Gustavo Huerta’s team, which needs a victory to access the Copa Sudamericana.

The Chilean team put a lot of people in the middle and complicated the arrivals of the Córdoba team. Even so, the local team was the first to approach the opposing goal. At 2 minutes, Matías Galarza attempted a shot that went very high over Leandro Requena’s goal.

At 11 minutes the first controversial play of the match occurred. A free kick from the Chilean team found the head of local striker Nahuel Bustos, whose rebound hit full-back Miguel Navarro’s hand. Situation that was not noticed by the Peruvian referee Augusto Menéndez, nor by the VAR.

After fifteen minutes, Walter Ribonetto’s team decided to take the initiative. At 18′, Rubén Botta left Nahuel Bustos alone, but Requena took the ball from his feet in the bailout.

Then, the arrivals of the T became more frequent. About half an hour in, the trans-Andean cast was one step away from opening the account. The corner kick was pivoted by Galarza and left Bustos alone, who missed it alone in the six-yard box, with a chipped shot.

At 33 minutes he warned again. Galarza left Botta alone in the area, but his shot went very wide next to the left vertical of the El Salvador team’s goal.

Just before halftime, Requena once again saved the fall of his goal. Botta created a wall with Bustos, who was once again alone in front of the Coppersalino goalkeeper, who managed to touch the ball to send it to the corner.

In extra time, the Córdoba team advanced its lines a little more to open the account. However, the closed approach of the mining team in the background prevented the depth of the locals who limited themselves to disturbing them with shots from the edge of the area.

At the hour mark, the additions of César Munder and Leonardo Valencia gave more air to the attack of the Chilean runner-up. At 66 minutes, a deep pass from Munder could not be controlled by Cristhofer Mesías, when he was alone in the area.

Four later, Cobresal warned again. Munder finished after a corner kick and his shot hit the head of Franco Bechtholdt to go capriciously next to the left upright of goalkeeper Guido Herrera.

At 76 minutes, Huerta’s team was once again very close to opening the scoring. Valencia extended for Munder and his cross had to be taken out urgently by Marcos Portilla, who almost scored the own goal repelled by goalkeeper Herrera.

In the next, a Valencia free kick was not connected by Jens Buss, before Herrera controlled the ball that was heading towards his goal.

However, the changes also worked for the local team, which made it 1-0. Seven minutes from the end, a play started by the Chilean Bruno Barticciotto ended in a clearance for Ramón Sosa, who controlled the small area and enabled Federico Girotti for the victory that in the long run was the only one of the match.

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