In recent days, for example, one of the most watched stork nests in Krkonoše and surroundings, on the Kara chimney in Bohuslavice near Trutnov. Four storks have already hatched, the fifth is “about to fall”.

Stork parents are busy. Bohdan had to defend the nest from a foreign stork. They take turns watching and feeding with Bohunka. “She fed the young with earthworms, snakes and lizards,” explained Tomáš Prouza, who follows the storks in detail and writes a regular blog about them.

Images from Kara’s chimney in Bohuslavice near Trutnov:

Source: Youtube

According to him, family well-being prevails in the Karaka nest. Despite the vagaries of the weather. “The showers have so far passed the nest, the geomagnetic storm with aurora borealis they are harmless to storks,” he emphasized.

He is far from the only one watching storks. “They are absolutely amazing. It’s clear that they’re getting along,” wrote reader Marie Knapová to Prouz’s blog.

It’s busy elsewhere too

It’s also fun in other well-known nests. For example, stork parents Betynec and Bukáček in Mladý Buká have already hatched one chick, and another is expected soon. Every day a stork should hatch on the brewery chimney in Trutnov.

A pair of storks in Nová Ves near Světlá nad Sázavou in 2022

Watch the storks carefully. You could be contributing to the tragedy, experts warn

Unfortunately, it’s not so cheerful everywhere. Jasmínka from Nové Mlýn and čápátko from Žirč died by accident at Dvor Králové nad Labem.

“Jasmine got out of the hole while wrestling with the snake with her parent and couldn’t get back in.” The stork in Žirč probably choked on too big a bite,” said Prouza.