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Claims that Azerbaijan will recognize the pseudo-state

The “minister of foreign affairs”, Tahsin Ertugruloglou, spoke about the 28th representative office of the pseudo-state in Malaysia

When Azerbaijan gains full power in Karabakh, it will recognize the pseudo-state, persuading international organizations, the president of the “Azerbaijan friendship company – tdvk”, Orhan Hasanoglu, said yesterday, saying that officially they may not have direct diplomatic relations, but they are no different from countries that have diplomatic relations. “Our students are here, our delegations travel back and forth, we have very good relations.”

According to the GTP, the press refers to statements by Mr. Hasanoglu on Kıbrıs TV where he stated that the company is a large community founded in March 2012 with the contribution of his compatriots living in the occupied territories and claimed that they work for improving relations with the occupied.

“At a time when the world did not believe in the existence of Cyprus, we, as a society, never lost our faith and our activity for the Cyprus to be a state that can stand on its own feet, protect and preserve the his independence at all times and to keep the name of tdvc alive. When we look at the whole, the tdvk is for us an independent state, whether the world recognizes its independence or not, we recognize it,” he said. “We don’t have a chance to recognize it diplomatically today, but we may have it tomorrow.” O diplomacy of the people, we embrace the existence of Cyprus with love, he added.

They hope, he continued, that the flag of the pseudo-state will fly at the conference of the Organization of Turkic States in Kazakhstan in 2024. “Azerbaijan will of course recognize the independence of the Nagorno-Karabakh, but in the last few days we are also experiencing heated events in Karabakh. When we have full power in Karabakh, we will of course recognize the independence of the Kurdish People’s Republic by convincing the international organizations.”

Azerbaijan has the same interests as Turkey in international platforms, he noted, saying that whatever Turkey’s political, strategic and diplomatic moves are, they follow the same moves.

The pseudo-state has a representative office in Malaysia, says the “yupex”

The “minister of foreign affairs”, Tahsin Ertugruloglou, spoke about the 28th representative office of the pseudo-state in Malaysia, referring to the announcement made weeks ago by the Turkish President about a “trade office” of the “tdvk” in Malaysia.

According to the GTP, Bougyun Cyprus writes today that Tayyip Erdoğan had a teleconference with Malaysian Prime Minister Enver Ibrahim on August 6. In the publication, it states that the Turkish Chamber of Commerce has no initiative in this direction and the employees have not been informed about the matter. A chamber official told the newspaper that there is no situation in which the chamber of commerce is involved, but speculates that such an initiative has been made and the chamber will be involved when it materializes.

Tahsin Ertugruloglu said, however, that “what will be opened is the representative office of the Turkish Republic of Turkey, as well as other similar ones” and the Turkish Chamber of Commerce and Industry will also be able to appoint a person. The way of working is not for advertising, he went on to say that the “government” should do things in this direction, while asserting that other “representative offices” will operate.

In the meantime, Umut Koldas will act as head of the “representation” in Abu Dhabi. He met with the “president of the parliament”, Zorlou Torre who said that they believe that the visibility of the “tdvk” will increase in the near future and as a “Muslim country” they expect more from the Arab world and other Muslim countries. Assessing that interest in the pseudo-state will increase with Turkey’s support, he expressed his belief that Koldas will do productive work with his experience in these areas.

In London, Ustel encourages an increase in London flights – pseudo-states

Anadolu Jet airline will increase flights from London to the illegal airport of occupied Tymbu from 2024, said the “prime minister”, Unal Ustel, who attended the event organized by the Turkish Cypriot business community in London, where he went by invitation of Turkish businessmen living in the United Kingdom and the “Turkish Cypriot Chamber of Commerce” of the United Kingdom.

According to the GTP, the Turkish press reports that the event was held with the support and participation of the Ambassador of Turkey in London, Osman Koray Ertas, the “representative” of the pseudo-state in London, Cimen Keskin, and the president of the Turkish Cypriot Hoteliers Association, Dimag Chaginer.

Mr. Ustel said that during their one-on-one meetings with Turkish Airlines, they reached an agreement that Anadolu Jet, a subsidiary of Turkish Airlines, would increase its flights between the illegal airport of occupied Tymbu and London from 2024 and the price policy will be revised and passengers will be able to travel at much more affordable prices.

He added that efforts are being made to build strong bridges between Turkish Cypriots residing in the UK and outside the pseudo-state.

They have taken, he continued, the necessary first steps for Turkish businessmen living in the UK and businessmen in the pseudo-state to form a consortium and sign a very large joint project “in tdvk”.

He announced more frequent meetings with businessmen active in both tourism and other sectors. He also argued that they are making an effort to offer financial alternatives for the transition of Turkish Cypriots abroad to the occupied territories. He reiterated the appeal addressed by the Turkish President from the United Nations forum last year for the recognition of the pseudo-state. “We exist and continue to exist all over the world. Look at this reality and recognize the tdvk,” he said.

Addressing the members of the Turkish Cypriot community in the United Kingdom, Mr Ustell said that they have clear expectations from them. “Be stronger in the countries you are in. Become stronger economically, become stronger politically. Your empowerment is the empowerment of tdvk in the world. It is the reinforcement of the lobby of the tdvk. It is the amplification of our voice. A strong diaspora means a strong tdvk,” he said.

Proposals T/c London businessmen

Cyprus writes that the president of the British Chamber of Commerce, Muhammed Yasarata, said after the meeting he had with the “prime minister” Unal Ustel, that the Turkish Cypriots living in the UK want support for three important projects.

First, “establishment of a new airline”. A new airline, he said, “should be established with public-private partnership, ticket prices should be reduced to normal levels and Turkish Cypriots should be freed from traveling through Larnaca. In this way, our thoughts are that economical flights will be provided for our citizens and Erjian Airport will be used more efficiently.” Turkish Cypriots in the UK will give all kinds of support to this, he assured.

Second, building a British city in the pseudo-state.” We have started work to create a British town of the Turkish Cypriot diaspora in an area where private sector land is available. (…) In this context, we ask for your help in certain matters. This project will strengthen the links of Turkish Cypriots living in the UK with the tdvk and we will direct some of the revenue generated by the city to the places we have decided,” he said.

Third, “UK nationals living in the UK should have the right to vote”. He added that, “we do not have any demands from you regarding the elections, but we demand that the necessary arrangements be made so that the Turkish Cypriots living in the United Kingdom have the right to vote in the elections in their homeland”.

As the newspaper writes, Mr. Yasarata said they are fully committed to the Turkish President’s call for recognition of the pseudo-state. In Britain, he continued, almost 300,000 Turkish Cypriots live and the community contributes a lot to the British economy with a turnover of 7 billion pounds.

“The fact that Ahmet Durmuş is Mayor of Bexley Municipality, which has a population of 260 thousand inhabitants, is an indication of how important the position of the Turkish Cypriots is,” he said. In the future elections, they have set a goal, he said, to elect 2 MPs to the British Parliament, from two different parties.

“We hope to achieve this by doing all kinds of material and moral work together in the coming election in England. I would also like to emphasize here that we have been spending for years in the UK not only on the Turkish Cypriot diaspora but on an effective and successful diaspora of all Turks. We will continue to do this together,” he added.

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