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Chamber of Deputies approves short isapres law

This Monday afternoon, The chamber of the Chamber of Deputies approved the short Isapres bill with 122 votes in favor, 14 against and 10 abstentionsafter shortly before the Senate signed the same initiative, it is now ready to be enacted.

It should be noted that yesterday, Sunday, the deadline established by the ruling of the Supreme Court, which mandates private insurers to return the excess charges (US$ 1,589 million) that they made in the past by increasing the value of their plans, was met, and also to use a new factor table.

Previously, the mixed commission extended the discussion, between May 2 and 8, regarding the indications presented by the Executive to the project, in which there were fierce negotiations with opposition sectors to reach an agreement and issue a report in order to obtain the votes that were needed.

Regarding the approval of the project, the Minister of Health, Ximena Aguilera, He indicated that “my assessment is very positive,” emphasizing that “here the sentence will be carried outas requested by President Boric and at the same time conditions are provided to give stability to the health system, which is the most important thing.”

“When people are put at the center and the solution to the problems that could actually affect them very seriously, with the risk that we had of having a systemic crisis, an agreement was finally reached and those agreements were supported by the majority,” he added.

The head of the Minsal also highlighted that “we have managed to get the possibility of have complementary voluntary insurance”.

“It is an insurance system that It will allow the private sector to be used but with greater financial security, greater financial coverage, generating a system that provides greater possibilities to people and no less likely, more work of public-private complementarity in a mixed system, which today has a greater opportunity to continue working and continue solving the health needs of Chileans,” he added.

For this reason, he valued the approval of the initiative, emphasizing that “The mechanisms, the opportunity, have been provided for the isapres to take this opportunity, improve their management, propose adjustment mechanisms, so that they can effectively comply with what people expect.”

Regarding the ruling itself, it is noted that the Adaptation of the plans of the new table of factors must occur simultaneously with the adjustment of the current plans to 7%. While the calculation of returns should not consider the amounts already restored through the surplus regime.

The extraordinary increase will be materialized through an extraordinary premium that will consider operational costs, non-operational costs and cost containment measures. While, The premium ceiling will be 10% of the contracts as of July 2023.

Likewise, it is established that people over 65 years of age will have a preferential payment (in 5 years), and those over 80 years of age (in 2 years), also allowing voluntary advance payment through transactions carried out by the Health Superintendency.

Considering that the Supreme Court established that the deadline to enforce the ruling expired yesterday, Sunday, the Superintendent of Health, Víctor Torres, reported that During the remainder of this Monday the first voucher circular will be issuedan action that was awaiting the results of the vote in the House.

Within the day, or what remains of the day, we are going to issue the first of them, which is instructed to comply with the Single Table of Factors (TUF)with a deferred validity to September 1 to be able to fit all the elements that will come out after the law is published,” he explained.

Meanwhile, the Minister of the Segpres, Álvaro Elizalde, explained that after Congress approved the report prepared by the mixed commission, The Chamber of Deputies must issue an official letter to the Senate, which must send the letter to the Executive informing of the approval of the law..

Because this is legislation that is subject to preventive control of constitutionality, The government has to inform that the rule is not going to be vetoed.

As soon as this information is received by the Upper House, the project must be sent to constitutionality control before the Constitutional Court (TC), and once the TC is pronounced, the law will be ready to be promulgated, taken into account, and published.

“With regard to the letters that these different co-legislative bodies send relatively quickly. This will be resolved tonight or tomorrow morning and it is up to the Constitutional Court to rule on the regulations that are subject to preventive control,” Elizalde said.

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