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CGT asks the Milei government to rectify its economic adjustment and warns: “They are taking us to an extreme”

The General Confederation of Labor (CGT) asked the President of Argentina, Javier Milei, to make rectifications in your economic and labor reforms, warning that the population most impacted by these Government plans is being taken to an extreme.

The leadership of the powerful trans-Andean union center took stock of this Thursday’s strike, the second in the five months that the libertarian ruler has been in the Casa Rosada, where he defended his execution and threatened a new protest. if Milei insists on implementing the reforms that meet with widespread rejection in opposition political, union and social sectors.

The leader Héctor Daer, one of the members that makes up the triumvirate that leads the CGT, said that “when they tell us that it is a political strike, we are effectively discussing the direction of Argentina. all the actions that are damaging the social fabric.”

And then he added that “The forcefulness of the strike that we saw today shows that the Government must take note and reconfigure its adjustment policy, which is taking us to extremes. Far from being sustainable, it is being taken to extremes sectors of citizens that will hardly be able to recover if this continues.”

Daer, who at the press conference was accompanied by Carlos Acuña, representative of the Service Station workers union, and Pablo Moyano, from Truckers, added that “what we want is for them to be taken note of. A measure of force does not have an end in itself, but rather to support a precise and clear claim, which was the agenda that led us to take this measure of force,” Daer added.

The CGT directors avoided responding to the disqualifications of government officials regarding the strike. “We do not respond to the attacks. The CGT is willing to talk, not through insults or trivialization of a measure as important as today,” they expressed.

The influential leader of the Argentine truck drivers, Pablo Moyano, stated that “It hurt them, if it had been a failure as the minister said they would not need to respond. FI call out to all those who came out to bank the strike. We don’t care what these characters tell us.”

The Government also focused on the economic losses caused by the stoppage of multiple activities -about 500 million Argentine pesos-, and noted that normal activity was observed in the country’s main cities in the midst of the strike.

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