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Cepeda accuses that the Fisheries Law project threatens the sector

In a new instance of the Economic Week, broadcast by Icare, Macarena Cepeda, president of Pesqueros Industriales del Biobío, addressed the critical points of the new Fisheries Law project. “If one of the actors is seriously damaged, that has repercussions on the entire ecosystem, and Today the only threat that we see is this Fisheries Bill,” he said.

“Unfortunately it is that Those who are proposing this new Fishing Law today are unaware of much about this activity. They are unaware of the international experience in fishing, they are unaware of how the complexity of the sector works,” said Cepeda.

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Within the first part of the conversation, the president of the union indicated that due to ignorance of the field, myths circulate about the project. “We have two myths already dispelled. One, that industrial fishing has more quotas; No, it did not have more quotas because it transferred quotas to artisanal fishing for 34 million dollars. Industrial fishing is given by resources; No, The resources are not given to you because you pay a specific tax on every event whether you fish or not. the fee already to date from 2012 to 2023 in industrial fishing They have extinguished 650 million dollars, in this entire period regarding this specific tax. In addition, you have to pay for the certifications, you have to pay for the fishing licenses that are basic, it’s like the circulation permit,” he declared.

One of the most critical points around the project aims to increase tenders from 15% to 50%. “This means a violent impact on fishing activity in the sense that the supply of raw materials to the processing plants is practically halved, So there are companies that are not even able to do the bidding exercise because they have already taken half of the raw materials and they have to close,” he pointed out.

Along the same lines, he recalled what happened with the current legislation, which imposed 15% of bidding, and which finally generated a market for transfers of these same licenses. “We have seen in these 10 years in which finally 15% of these tenders have generated more concentration, no new actors have entered and finally what has been generated is a secondary market,” he commented.

Cepeda indicated that the 73% of the project is a copy of the previous one, but with this there are things that are left out. “There is an omission that is dramatic, that they omitted a transitional article that contemplated the current law and left it out of operation of factory ships from the southern south,” Cepeda accused.

Another accusation indicates that the requests put on the table in the companies’ meetings with the Government were not collected. “It is a project that is not satisfying”he commented.

Macarena Cepeda accuses that the only threat to the fishing sector is the Fisheries Law project

Among the questions about the bill, Cepeda explained about the transfer of more quotas to artisanal fishing. “Industrial crew members are given the option to register in the Artisanal Fishing Registry,” warns Cepeda, adding that this measure will promote informality.

On the part of the union, Cepeda maintains, They are in favor of a new Fisheries Law, but ask that this be done around more research. As the president of the union explains, there are resources that have been closed for more than 10 years, due to lack of knowledge, and therefore, prevention is preferred. There are resources that cannot be exploited because there is no research. “There we see that there is a lack of development,” he reiterated.

He also called for greater oversight to combat illegal fishing, such as certification of 100% of the landing, so that they can account for how much is extracted from the sea, as a way of ensuring that the quota is met. “The fishing sector should move towards formality,” added Cepeda.

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