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Casimiro reacts to Soteldo’s attitude in Santos x Vasco; watch

Casimiro Vasco

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Soteldo’s move in the match between Santos and Vasco, this Sunday, for the Brasileirão, gave people something to talk about. In the second half, when Peixe was winning 1-0, the Venezuelan stepped on the ball and the Cruzmalino athletes took it as a provocation. There time closed completely. A declared fan of the Rio team, Casimiro gave his opinion regarding the attacker’s attitude.

On his YouTube channel, Casimiro admits that he was bothered by the move, but sees nothing wrong with the attacker’s ordeal and even argues that the Vasco athlete should be expelled for the aggression.

“It’s fucked up, me saying it’s unnecessary is a joke. If Vasco was winning and Pec did something like that I would go crazy, I would be happy. It’s cool, I was fucking pissed at the time, because Vasco was losing. I’m a fan, that’s a fan thing. I get more pissed off when Vasco goes through this situation, this only happens because Vasco was losing the game. If he was winning or drawing, he wouldn’t do that, just like he didn’t do it at 0-0 or 1-1. That makes me mad, but it’s within his rights. And the guy who beat him up should have been expelled and he wasn’t”, said Casimiro.

In the confusion, Medel ended up getting a red card and will miss Vasco against São Paulo, a game that takes place on Saturday, at 6:30 pm (Brasília time), in São Januário, in Rio de Janeiro. For Santos, Lucas Lima and Rodrigo Fernandes were sent off and lost against Palmeiras. Soteldo received the third yellow and is yet another problem.

With the result, Cruzmaltino does not enter the relegation zone, but is once again very close to it. Today, the fans are for Botafogo against Goiás, at Nilton Santos.

On Jovem Pan, Vampeta criticized the decision made by Soteldo, as it ended up harming his own team thinking about the Brasileirão sequence.

“Soteldo played a lot, stepped on the ball and so on, but forgot that he is not among the top eight or four. Santos leaves the relegation zone, takes a breather and then in the next round they face Palmeiras. You will be greatly missed, you brought a companion with you, Lucas Lima. He had nothing to do with what was happening. The guy has to be intelligent, this is not the time to be funny. The next game is a classic against Palmeiras and if there is a negative result they could return to the relegation zone. Santos no longer has a vast squad and he, Dodô and Lucas Lima no longer play”, said Vampeta.

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