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Cars for 17 year olds? Czechs are careful realists, they most often choose a used Skoda

With the sunny weather, not only cyclists and motorcyclists hit the roads. This year we will also meet a new generation of 17-year-old drivers with a mentor. In the first quarter alone, 3,500 of them received their driver’s license, and there are almost 7,000 mentors. What are the right cars for these young novice drivers? That’s what the latest survey found.

Driving a car from the age of 17 under the supervision of a mentor. What do you think about it?

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Server in an exclusive survey, he was interested in what newcomers behind the wheel should gain experience in. Only two fifths of the respondents would buy another car for the family specifically for this purpose. On the contrary, 57% consider such a step unnecessary.

But what both groups agreed on were the car’s parameters for novice drivers. The ideal is a safe car with a petrol engine, cheap service and a price of around 50,000 crowns. Škoda is the choice for more than 40% of respondents. Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz also performed well. On the contrary, available Dacia, Hyundai and Kia models found themselves on the fringes of interest.

Cheetah.  Car converted to tricycles for ŘP A1

Behind the wheel since the age of sixteen? It also works with an A1 driver’s license, thanks to tricycles

“Our April survey confirmed that Czechs approach the choice of a car for novice drivers pragmatically,” he says Marek KniezaDirector of

“They are interested in cheaper cars with accessible service and good security, so that possible scratches hurt as little as possible – physically and economically. They will often have useful comfort functions such as air conditioning, but on the other hand, they will lack a number of assistance and comfort systems that are not very conducive to the formation of correct driving habits.”

No car, no pampering

The overwhelming majority of respondents believe that there is no need to buy another car for the family, in which a 17-year-old driver or L17, the steering “knocked” – both figuratively and literally. On the contrary, 43% consider it a good idea.

Among the opponents, there is also a larger percentage of those who would put beginners in a car with a price tag of no more than 50,000 crowns. Specifically, 51%. Another 4% would not let such a young driver behind the wheel at all. Among supporters of buying a special car, supporters of prices under 50 and 100,000 crowns have approximately the same representation, 38% or 35%.

Lucie Mikisková with Olomouc ambulance with moderator Roman Štěpánek.

Do not pull the tongue out of anyone’s mouth during an accident, warn experienced rescuers

Within both groups, the same 35% of survey participants would emphasize the price and availability of the service when choosing.

“It was surprising that the safety aspect had much more weight among opponents of buying a car for the L17 than among supporters,” Marek Knieža points out the unexpected difference of 51% vs. 40%.

“What we expected, on the contrary, was to take into account the wishes of the young driver. Supporters would consider him in 13%, the opposite camp in only 6%.”

Driving a car from the age of 17 under the supervision of a mentor:

Source: Youtube

Petrol with manual and Czech origin

Proponents and opponents of the purchase also noted other parameters of the car for building driving habits. Two-thirds would prefer gasoline. A quarter of supporters would consider diesel, or a fifth at the other camp. In contrast, an electric car would attract 7.1% of opponents, but only 3.2% of supporters.

There was also a similar two-fold difference for the preferred body in the SUV category. This came to an ideal 11.9% of non-buyers vs. 5.8% of buyers. Overall, however, the choice of bodywork was clearly won by hatchbacks, or sedans with a share of around 70%.

Driving on yellow.

Driving on yellow at a traffic light. If you can, stop and don’t risk an unnecessary fine

“In the case of brands, both groups of respondents agreed on one name. Over 40% would choose one of the models of the domestic manufacturer Škoda,” Marek Knieža summarizes the preferences of the participants in the survey.

However, the representatives of the “German premium” Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz also ranked high in both camps. They were followed by the French brands Citroën, Renault and Peugeot, respectively the Japanese Toyota, Mazda, Nissan, Subaru and Daihatsu. On the contrary, the otherwise popular Dacia, Hyundai and Kia, but also, for example, Volvo, were on the fringes of interest. As for the Volkswagen brand, it attracted more supporters of the purchase than opponents. 10.7% of the first group would choose her, but only 5% of the second group.”

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