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Carabineros operation leaves 570 detainees nationwide

This Saturday, Carabineros delivered a balance of the preventive inspections carried out nationwide yesterday, between 4:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. The operation was concentrated in the regional capitals and in the Metropolitan Region, focusing on Puente Alto.

The activity was attended by the Minister of the Interior and Public Security, Carolina Toháthe presidential delegate of the RM, Constanza Martinez and the mayor of Puente Alto, Germán Codina.

According to General Patricia Vásquez, head of the metropolitan area (S), the operation included more than three thousand police officers deployed in the major crime hotspots identified by the institution. “The results have been quite positive. The idea is to control, supervise and arrest those criminals who are fugitives from justice. “This is how we increase the perception of security and provide a 24/7 service to the people of our country,” said the general.

Specifically, they carried out 32 thousand vehicle controls and 570 arrests throughout the country. Of the total number of people detained, half had a valid arrest warrant and 74% are undergoing detention control today.

In Puente Alto, 31 people were arrested, of which one was a minor. Twenty of those detained had current arrest warrants and the remaining eleven for violation of the drug law and misuse of a public instrument.

The mayor of the commune, Germán Codina, highlighted the operation and called for an increase in police force: “This demonstrates once again the importance of increasing the provision in our community. “This is a historic claim and the neighbors know that it is something I have been asking for for many years.”

Preventive inspections by Carabineros leave 570 detainees nationwide.

For her part, Minister Tohá maintained that “we are having a reinforcement of police operations of different natures and we are going to continue along those lines, because the results are extremely valuable.”. They are valuable from the point of view of the detainees we achieved in each of those deployments, of the people who were with a valid order and who were circulating, and who after this operation we managed to apprehend them, the weapons and drugs that we seized, the number of vehicles that were controlled and that are used to commit or flee from crimes that have already been committed. they committed.”

Along with this, he stated that “The operations have the ability to show the presence of the police and the State close to the people and especially, close to those places where the presence of the State is most required.”

In that sense, he warned that “in the next opportunity, perhaps, these numbers will not always be exceeded. The point is not to achieve many numbers, the point is to be persistent, have the focus well, combine different modalities to obtain the results we are looking for and for thatThe collaboration of citizens is very importantbecause the operations are not carried out blindly, they are carried out based on the information we have about where the greatest risks are, where there are the most crimes, and for that, reporting is essential. If there is no complaint, we are blind”.

For this, the head of the Interior suggested, the program is available Insurance Complaintwhich allows you to alert about crimes anonymously, by phone *4242. “We can assure you that without taking any risk, without going through any inconvenience, without wasting time, your complaint will be recorded and thus, the focus of this type of police action will take into account the experience that is lived in those sectors,” the minister closed.

Preventive inspections by Carabineros leave 570 detainees nationwide. In the image, Minister Carolina Tohá. PHOTO: SEBASTIAN BELTRAN GAETE / AGENCIUNO

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