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Cafu indicates Flamengo’s main problem: “We’ve never seen this”

Cafu demanded players from Brazil.

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In a debate on the program “Domingol com Benja”, Cafu criticized the atmosphere at Flamengo in 2023. In addition to the sequence of failures in the season, the team he dealt with cases of aggression involving Pedro, Gerson, Varela and even Marcos Braz, vice-president of football under Rodolfo Landim.

Pointing out that a light environment is essential for good results, Cafu highlighted the heavy atmosphere as the main problem at Flamengo. Off the field, fans protested the disappointing results, which is why Landim and Braz were the targets of several insults at Maracanã.

“As a captain on all the teams I worked for, this would never happen. Flamengo’s environment is very aggressive. It’s aggressiveness from the director, the president, the coach, the players, the physical trainer… It’s not an environment suitable for playing football”he said.

“Football is light, relaxing, laughing and messing with each other. At Flamengo, it’s different”he completed.

Soon after, Cafu made a point of expressing his feeling of surprise at the attack suffered by Pedro. Therefore, as the situation did not even come close to happening during his period as a professional athlete, the penta captain sees a chaotic scenario at Flamengo.

“I don’t know what attitude I would take if I saw one of my physical trainers punching a player. We never saw this happen, nor did it happen. There is indeed confusion (inside the locker room), but to the point of attacking a player or a player attacking a physical trainer, it is the first time in history that I have seen”, he concluded.

After a turbulent period with Sampaoli, who failed to save Flamengo’s year, Tite can calm the club’s spirits. Behind the scenes, the board seeks to align the arrival of the coach, who has a chance of making his debut after the FIFA Data.

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