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Caffeine can’t deal with long-term fatigue, but it protects against cancer and diabetes

Coffee is an indispensable drink, but few people can do without it. We usually reach for it to suppress fatigue or sleep. At the same time, we could also perceive coffee as a contribution to health care. It reduces the risks of many chronic diseases, including cancer. But should we be afraid of it because of the dehydration of the organism, or because of the increase in blood pressure? And is it true that drinking coffee delays aging? We asked nutrition specialist Kateřina Šimková.

Coffee delays the onset of fatigue and gives a feeling of a rush of energy.

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What happens to the body when you stop caffeine:

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Coffee contains caffeine, which is a stimulant. However, coffee is neither effective nor suitable for warding off spring fatigue. It is indeed a fast, but at the same time only a short-term source of energy.

How does coffee actually affect the human body? Caffeine is a natural substance that has a structure similar to the chemical adenosine (organic molecule, note ed.). It affects wakefulness and sleep. Adenosine, when it occupies the appropriate receptors, gives the brain a signal for time to rest or sleep. Because caffeine has a similar structure, drinking coffee can prevent adenosine from binding to receptors in the brain.

Protects against cancer and diabetes

“Coffee will delay the onset of fatigue, and on the contrary, you will feel a rush of energy. However, with long-term coffee drinking, the body defends itself by creating new receptors for adenosine. So in order to achieve the same stimulating effect, we have to increase the intake of coffee or caffeine, which is not desirable,” he says nutrition specialist Kateřina Šimková from Healthy Eating.

Milk for the coffee, lid for the coffin.  The popular saying scares completely unnecessarily.

Coffee with milk: When it is better not to drink it, and when, on the contrary, it can help in treatment

Although coffee is not very suitable for warding off fatigue, its other positive effects are so obvious that they have even been mentioned in clinical dietetics textbooks. For example, an article published on the web National Library of Medicine mentions a number of arguments, supported by several studies, suggesting that drinking coffee reduces the risk of diabetes. Coffee should also act against atherosclerosis and protect against cancer, he suggests studieswhich dealt with the topic of coffee and its effect on tumor chemoprevention.

“Caffeine contained in coffee has a positive effect on the skeletal and cardiac muscles, strengthening their contractions. It should be noted here that we are talking about a beneficial effect in completely healthy individuals. For example, in cardiac patients, these contractions can be perceived unfavorably,” adds the nutritionist.

Nutrition specialist Kateřina Šimková from Healthy Eating.Nutrition specialist Kateřina Šimková from Healthy Eating.Source: With the permission of

A glass of water refreshes the eye and the body

A very hot topic is the dehydration caused by coffee. Mild diuretic (therefore draining) effect can be observed by new coffee drinkers, but it disappears with gradual regular drinking. “In the same way, even a slight increase in blood pressure does not occur after a while with daily consumption. Both are caused by the rapid development of tolerance to caffeine,” mentions Kateřina Šimková.

However, coffee is not included in the drinking regimen. Adhering to serving coffee with a glass of water is therefore not only an eye-pleasing habit, but also has other advantages. These are precisely following the drinking regimen or refreshing the taste buds after a meal for the best possible enjoyment of coffee.

Coffee itself has no calories

And what about drinking coffee and losing weight? Caution is in order only if you are on a diet or want to avoid subtle weight gain while indulging in your favorite flavored coffees. Coffee as such has no calories.

When you time your coffee drinking right, it will help you lose weight better.

How to drink coffee to help lose weight? The expert also advises when not to drink it at all

“To prepare espresso and espresso lungo, you only need high-quality ground coffee, water and a coffee machine. This type of coffee will not increase your energy intake in any way. You can indulge in it according to your will and tolerance,” says Kateřina Šimková, who prepares diet menus.

When do you lose weight with coffee and when do you gain weight?

  • Espresso and Lungo only cut about 0.2 calories from your energy intake.
  • If you decorate a classic latte with syrup, you have to calculate that 250 ml of this coffee with syrup already takes 127 calories from your daily intake.
  • Coffee with ice cream and whipped cream is literally a calorie bomb, as it contains approximately 311 kcal

Serving coffee takes many forms:

It works against dementia and premature aging

Coffee is an excellent source of antioxidants. It contains even more of them than green tea, especially those from the group of polyphenols. These antioxidants bind harmful free radicals and thus we are better protected against degenerative brain disorders, premature aging or weakening of the immune system.

As with adults, it also applies to children that if they don't like milk, they don't have to drink it.  But they can.

How much milk can an adult drink? And is it beneficial? Experts know their stuff

Coffee can supply us with more than 50 percent of the antioxidants we receive in food. Coffee also speeds up bowel movements, which reduces the risk of colon cancer. “On the contrary, people who suffer from heartburn should be careful with coffee. Coffee increases the secretion of hydrochloric acid and can worsen the difficulties,” concludes Kateřina Šimková.

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