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Bugár on the discus dynasty of Alekn: Mykolas beat his father and the world record

This Lithuanian family conquered the discus throw quite decently. Virgilijus Alekna, two-time Olympic champion, two-time world champion and European champion, started it at the beginning of the new millennium. He threw the two-kilo apparatus to a distance of 73.88 meters and was 20 centimeters behind the world record of the GDR thrower Jürgen Schult from 1986.

Lithuanian discus thrower Mykolas Alekna broke the oldest men’s athletics world record

| Photo: Profimedia

In this respect, he was surpassed only by his twenty-one-year-old son Mykolas Alekna. At the Oklahoma Throws Series meeting in Ramona, USA on Sunday, the 21-year-old reigning European champion threw 74.35 meters and the oldest male world record lowered by 27 cm.

“When I saw the short shot on TV, it must have been a nice shot in Oklahoma. It was blowing nicely from the front to the right,” commented the Czech master of the classical discipline, Imrich Bugár, who threw his record of 71.26 meters in San Jose in 1985, commenting on the favorable weather conditions.

Zuzana Hejnová competed at the World Championships 2019 in Doha

A new challenge for Zuzana Hejnová. Will try to lift sprint and hurdles

In favorable conditions, the Lithuanian recorded an admirable series. All attempts flew past the magic seventy – 72.21, 70.32, 72.89, 70.51, 74.35, 70.50. The best performances can practically only be thrown “into the wind”. Not by chance, in Ramona a day earlier, the Cuban Yaime Perez sent the kilo discus to the finish line 73.09 meters, which is the longest performance by a woman in a year since 1989.

Twelfth discus player in the world

“Mykolas is in great shape and he managed to beat his father,” continued Bugár, who is the twelfth discus player in the world in the historical charts. “He was truly the greatest adept at overcoming the saint. The ruler of previous seasons, the Slovenian Kristjan Čeh, stopped a bit in his technique, on the contrary, young Alekno is doing well. When he hits the wind correctly, it flies very far,” he stated.

Years ago, Bugár also enjoyed wind rallies. “The advantage of the winds there is that they are not gusty, but blow evenly, smoothly and regularly. That will do a lot. I’ve never pitched at Ramona, but it will be similar to the places I’ve pitched. It requires a good circle, a favorable wind and the disc flies far,” recalled the first world champion from Helsinki.

Obstacle course Petr Svoboda

Svoboda continues to dream of the Olympics in Paris. He is on a part-time contract and will tap into the reserves

“But it must have been really windy back then in Neubrandenburg,” he recalled of Schult’s performance, which lasted an unbelievable 37 years and almost 10 months. “It was more of a random performance caused by the use of good conditions and a correctly hit throw. He didn’t throw 70 on demand, he managed it about three times in his life. Whereas Mykolas Alekna has now performed it six times in one race.”

A copy of the six-foot-tall dad

Imrich Bugár is curious about how his season will continue to develop. “It’s mid-April. He put on huge yards very early in the spring. His goal was certainly not a world record, but this year everyone is directing their efforts towards the Olympic Games in Paris,” he reflected.

According to him, Mykolas is a copy of the two-meter dad. “Maybe he is a few centimeters shorter and not such a mountain of muscles, but he has long arms, i.e. wingspan, as we discus players say, and he can use this advantage well,” explained Bugár, saying that he is a great promise for the future.

Miroslav Šperk is a Paralympic medalist in the discus throw

From the fall from the balcony to the Athenian medal. Handicapped Jewel: Thanks to sport, I believe in myself

The Lithuanian family now recruits two of the top three discus players in history, with Virgilijus now tied for third all-time with his 2000 performance. And that may not be all from the Alekn dynasty. His older son Martynas is also dedicated to the disc

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