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Brutal attack on a schoolgirl: Eighteen years seems too much for a young man, he sent a message to a girl

Eighteen years in a maximum security prison. This is the sentence that was proposed by the prosecutor Jiří Richtr at the Regional Court in Pilsen on Thursday after the completion of the evidence for 19-year-old Ukrainian Viktor Veselovský, who raped and then brutally murdered his girlfriend four years younger in Pilsen last year. The girl, who fortunately had enough presence of mind to successfully pretend to be dead after being stabbed, was then doused with disinfectant, wrapped in a sack, thrown off a cliff and covered with branches. Then he ran away. However, the sentence of 18 years seems high to him, he said through his lawyer that he considers 11 years in prison to be adequate. He told his victim that he wished her a happy life and to forget him soon.

Viktor Veselovskyy at the Regional Court in Pilsen.

| Video: Diary/Milan Kilián

Veselovskyy knew the young woman from Pilsen well. According to the indictment he already had sexual intercourse with her at least three times in the fall of 2022, when she was not even 15 years old. Then they broke up. Three quarters of a year later, on August 8, 2023, he decided to force him. He lured the girl to the river near the shooting range in Pilsen-Lobzy.

He was equipped for the act. “He had with him in his backpack, among other things, adhesive tape, plastic bags, a folding knife, another knife and a bottle of SAVO solution,” said Richtr. According to the indictment, the young man bound the acquaintance with adhesive tape, knocked her to the ground, undressed her and performed sexual intercourse on her. He then took her to a nearby forest where he threatened to force her to perform oral sex.

A police escort brings a young man accused of rape and attempted murder, which occurred on Tuesday evening, to the municipal court in Pilsen.

Do you want a quick or painful death? Foreigners propose 18 years for raping a girl

He then slashed her neck and told her that “it will take two days before she bleeds out, so she has a choice between a quick and painless death or a long and painful one”, and as she made it clear she wanted neither option, he stabbed her a knife to the neck. The girl then fell to the ground and pretended to be dead. According to the indictment, the Ukrainian then, in an attempt to prevent his discovery, stripped the girl, wrapped her in a bag, poured natural SAVO on her chest and threw her off a cliff into the forest, where he covered her with bark and branches.

The hypothermic girl managed to call for help only in the morning. Forensic expert Hynek Řehulka told the court that she was very lucky that the knife did not hit any of the arteries, otherwise her life would have been in direct danger.

He just admitted something

Veselovskyy, who has lived in the Czech Republic with his family for about five years, only admitted something. “I confess to sexual abuse, it was during the time we had a relationship. I started dating her when she was 13, we had sex when she was 14, I knew the age. It was voluntary sex, I know I made a mistake,” he commented on the previous relationship with the damaged girl. “But I do not confess to rape, it was voluntary sex. I partially confess to attempted murder, I stabbed and slashed, which caused injury, ” he said.

He claimed that he and the girl had a nice moment on the way and that they had a nice chat. Later, when oral sex was to take place, they argued. “She cursed at me, threw tape at me that I had from work and wanted to use it to fix it. Then SAVO lunged at me, on my back, I turned in front of him. I took SAVO from her and got slapped. Then I doused her with it. We argued, she was aggressive, she pushed me. I took a knife in my hand and thought she would stop,” he testified, adding that she also cursed him about Ukrainians and the like.

Source: Deník/Milan Kilián

Then, according to his statement, he pushed her away and swung a knife at her. “She screamed, started cursing and I realized I must have hurt her. I saw drops of blood on the neck. She collapsed, she fell on her side,” he said in his testimony about the critical moments of that evening. “I started to panic. I thought I had done what I didn’t want to do, that I had killed a person. I was thinking what to do, first , which occurred to me that I had to get rid of her. I thought she was dead, she was not moving. I tried to take her hand to see if she was cold,” testified Veselovskyy. He added that he wrapped the girl in a sack, threw her off the cliff and covered her with bark. Then he left.

Court expert they did not portray the defendant exactly in flattering colors. “He is dangerous for society, the level of his danger is very high,” said doctor Eva Navrátilová. Her colleague Václava Tylová added that the defendant’s personality is pathologically structured, with dissocial features. His emotional experience is very poor and he is insufficiently socialized. Both doctors agreed that the young man was prone to violence. This is confirmed, among other things, by his practices in sex, where there are sadomasochistic elements and a fondness for weapons. According to Navrátilová, sexual deviance, specifically sadism, cannot be ruled out in the future. After release, he should be under the supervision of a sexologist.

The girl’s statement was played to the exclusion of the public.

The girl has consequences

Final motions were heard on Thursday. As in the indictment, prosecutor Richtr asked for 18 years in prison for attempted planned murder and other acts for Veselovský. “He acted with deliberation, it was not an affectation,” he explained, adding that this was evidenced by the equipment the stranger had with him, as well as his behavior, such as cutting clothes or pouring disinfectant to remove traces. He also recalled what the experts said about him. He added that although Veselovskyy denies some acts, he is convinced that he committed everything that is in the indictment. And that he wanted to cover up another crime, rape, with murder.

The representative of the victim, Tereza Rogová, recalled that the defendant’s victim was a child, towards whom he behaved extremely amorally, he was not at all interested in what the girl felt and how it would turn out. She also reminded that, according to experts, the young man is dangerous for society, is fascinated by violence and has tendencies towards sadism. She further stated that the victim is suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder due to the rape, knife attack and subsequent actions of the defendant. “He has panic attacks, flashbacks. He is terrified of people like the defendant. He is afraid that he will finish what he failed to do,” said Rogová, adding that the girl still needs medication.

Viktor Veselovskyy at the Regional Court in Pilsen

He wrapped the girl in a sack and threw her off the cliff. I feel innocent, he said now in court

The defendant’s lawyer, Petr Brožovský, told the court that there is not a single direct evidence in the file that his client committed everything stated in the indictment. At the same time, he himself denies some of the deeds. According to him, he only committed sexual abuse and attempted murder in the first paragraph. “He’s basically still a child, you have to keep that in mind,” he said of the defendant. He added that his client would consider 11 years in a maximum security prison to be an adequate sentence.

Veselovskyy himself, who watched the closing speeches without emotion, repeated that he was sorry for what he had done and that it was lucky that the schoolgirl survived. “I want to apologize to her. I hope she has a beautiful life and forgets about me soon. I also want to apologize to my family and my girlfriend. I want to serve my sentence and be a better person,” said the young Ukrainian.

Sentencing is expected next week. For the murder in the third paragraph, Veselovský can be sentenced to 15 to 20 years in prison, or even exceptional punishment.

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