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Breno Lopes provokes Palmeiras fans and Denílson reacts

Palmeiras fans today

Credit: Miguel Schincariol/Getty Images

For the 23rd round of the Brasileirão Série A, Palmeiras faced Goiás, at Allianz Parque, last Friday, the 15th.

Looking to displace Botafogo at the top of the Brazilian Championship, every point is worth a lot for Alviverde.

The match was heading towards a goalless draw until Breno Lopes, from Palmeiras, found the net and secured a 1-0 victory for Verdão.

The striker’s celebration was something to talk about, as he scored and provoked his own fans.

On Band’s ‘Jogo Aberto’ program, this Monday, 18th, Denílson, former Palmeiras player, reacted to Breno Lopes’ attitude.

“Very boring, and it’s a fight that the player will never win, that’s the truth. The player will never win a dispute like this with the fans, especially when it comes to an organized one”, began the commentator about the friction.

Denílson says that Breno Lopes is a player that ‘Abel Ferreira likes and has always used in the Palmeiras team.

“Fans started picking on him, soon after he scored the goal and went to celebrate, he went to insult the Palmeiras fans”, highlighted the commentator.

“This fight, Breno Lopes, don’t get into it, brother! It doesn’t matter if the athlete can’t win this fight”, advised Denílson.

The former Alviverde player also highlighted the attitude of the squad, who embraced Breno Lopes and tried to ‘stifle’ the conflict situation with the fans.

“Breno, if I were in your place, I would record a video, I would apologize, hot-headed, adrenaline from the game, at the end of the game it was a very important victory for the continuation of the Brazilian Championship, but don’t get into that fight with the fans”, highlighted Denílson.

With Botafogo’s defeat against Atlético-MG, Alviverde’s difference to the Brasileirão Série A leader fell to 7 points.

Breno Lopes provokes Palmeiras fans

Breno Lopes’ controversial celebration with his own fans did not go over well.

Second lip reading done by Gustavo Machadoin addition to the obscene gesture, the athlete would have made an outburst rebutting the criticism he has been receiving.

“Speak up, you’re all going to get screwed…, damn it. Fuck you, curse me now. Talk about me now, damn it”, Breno Lopes reportedly said.

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