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Breast augmentation will destroy health, let’s talk about it, warn women. Doctors tame panic

Some women who have had their breasts enlarged with silicone implants suspect that breast surgery has caused long-term and complicated health problems. From eczema, migraines or dry eyes to sleep disorders to depression. They point out that little is said about the disease called BII – breast implant disease – in the Czech Republic, and clients of aesthetic medicine clinics do not receive enough information about the risks. According to experts, every implant in the body can carry risks, and every woman should think carefully about the application for aesthetic reasons. But at the same time, doctors warn against inciting hysteria and point out that disease from breast implants is not even an official medical diagnosis yet.

Even celebrities have their breasts enhanced with silicone implants.

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The topic was raised several years ago in United States of America, where well-known showbiz faces had implants removed from their bodies and called the original breast augmentation surgery a mistake. Also because of the health problems that should have erupted after the plastic surgery.

But now Czech influencers who have tens of thousands of subscribers on social networks are also coming to the market with leather. “I’ve been here for a year, a year and a half after breast augmentation, she began to suffer from a number of symptoms. I just didn’t know what to assign them to, and all these years doctors told me I was healthy. I’ve had x blood tests over the years, nothing but low iron or other trivia. But never figured out why I was so terribly tired. I thought it might be related to the psyche,” Kateřina Šarounová, aka Beauty by Kathy, recently confided to viewers on her YouTube channel. She has no doubts that she suffers from BII.

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She commented on the topic in her own way Instagram and a model Bára Kropáčková. “A year after the operation, I still felt a strange tension in my breast, such a strange feeling. To this day, my sensitivity has not returned, then an autoimmune disease came for no reason – alopecia, I lost all my hair, eyelashes, eyebrows. And since then it’s been going well, problems are starting to pile up, which I don’t know why they’re happening. All my results are fine and the doctors don’t know. The only thing that came to my mind is that it is because of this, that I have something in my body that is not supposed to be there and that body is constantly fighting it,” she described.

Plastic surgery of the ear lobes.  Illustrative image

Medical tourism in the Czech Republic? It’s not just about the breasts. Foreigners go for other operations

There are dozens of similar contributions in the Czech virtual space. Women do not primarily try to describe their difficulties, but above all to inform. Information is something they lacked before deciding to get breast augmentation. They point out that doctors inform patients about BII either little or not at all.

Beware of unnecessary hysteria, doctors warn

Chairman Society of Aesthetic Surgery ČLS JEP Vladimír Mařík told Deník that doctors always thoroughly educate women about the risks of plastic surgery before procedures. “Each patient who undergoes surgery, whether cosmetic or reconstructive, signs an informed consent with each doctor. Of course, I don’t know if every doctor has BII included in the informed consent,” the doctor explained.

He personally informs about all risks. But he has a reserved attitude towards BII. “I think the more BII is ‘publicized’ the more BII patients will have. Without currently suffering from it,” he mentioned.

Famous women who have had breast enhancement:

According to Mařík, the exact cause of BII is not yet known and the disease is now rather defined based on the fact that if doctors remove the patient’s breast implants, her problems will subside or disappear. “But it’s also necessary to remind people of the placebo response. Also psychologically, on the other hand, a certain mistrust or even hysteria surrounding this disease can trigger non-specific symptoms in the patient, which she would otherwise not pay attention to,” explained the doctor.

According to him, Czech plastic surgeons are in contact and have discussions with foreign colleagues from Western Europe, the United States of America or Latin America on this topic.

At the same time, Mařík ruled out that the current scientific knowledge of BII would lead to issuing new recommendations for breast plastic surgery in the near future. “I really don’t personally worry about the health complications of BII as much as the possible future hysteria surrounding it that could do more harm than good to a lot of women,” he added.

Silicone implants under the microscope

According to plastic surgeon Ondřej Měšťák, there are not as many scientific studies on any other medical device as there are on silicone implants. “It’s also because the implant is often not necessary, so it needs to be completely safe. The studies that are now being put together by the largest brains in the United States studying BII syndrome published recently in peer-reviewed journals have not confirmed these suspicions. Implants they really examine it from top to bottom. The only difference in the group of patients reporting BII is their greater psychological suggestibility and tendency to psychological illnesses and depression,” explained Měšťák. The previously mentioned placebo or nocebo effect can play a role in this.

Is there breast implant disease?  Not even the doctors themselves agree on the answer yet.

Breast implant disease: Women suffer, but doctors say it’s a rumor

Doctors pay attention to these patients, and removing the implant can eventually help, perhaps because of the aforementioned placebo effect.

Ondřej Měšťák did not confirm that female patients with difficulties came to see surgeons very often. “I haven’t noticed these problems among my patients, but about three patients who were primarily operated on elsewhere have already come to me with fears that they suffer from this syndrome. However, they were, for example, after Lyme disease or some viral disease that can cause it, for example. After my explanation about the implants, they always calmed down. Unfortunately, the massage on social media is big. If you put a hundred thousand women next to each other with implants, the incidence of symptoms will be the same,” he mentioned.

Source: DiaryShe also recently warned against the complexity of the diagnosis and the fact that the symptoms attributed to BII tend to be manifestations of other diseases The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons). “This is not the disease described World Health Organization, there are no diagnostic tests to prove that systemic symptoms are caused by silicone implants, and clinical examination often reveals no objective findings. In addition, many conditions can present with BII-like symptoms. Some of my patients who show symptoms of the disease are subsequently diagnosed with another disease. But others remain undiagnosed,” explained company vice president Nora Nugent.

It’s always a risk

According to the Head of the Department of Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering of the Institute of Physiology Czech Academy of Sciences Lucie Bačáková, people should always think carefully about surgery and inserting any implants into the body for aesthetic reasons only. “Each implant is a foreign thing to the body. The body undergoes biochemical and mechanical stress. Over time, micro and nano particles will start to be released from it. With all implants, there is a risk of adverse reactions and the need for reoperations,” the scientist pointed out.

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