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Bra de fer Kasselakis-Ahtsioglou before the new “battle”

Selection of “camps” by the executives, while the base prepares… upheavals. Questions about the position that Alexis Tsipras will take.

The most critical week began today for SYRIZA, as the official opposition party enters the final stretch for the selection of the leader, after the results of the first round showed Stefanos Kasselakis as the big winner of the first Sunday.

Next Sunday is the final battle between Mr. Kasselakis and Efi Ahtsioglou with the issue of affiliations on the table, as there are tens of thousands of members who did not vote and could be headed to the polls in a week.

How will the executives move

In any case, there is a dynamic that is recorded in Mr. Kasselakis, while as the days pass there will also be the executives who will support the two candidacies. However, it has been shown that movements by members can overturn associations that may be made at a higher level.

What is certain is that there are a number of issues that open up. There is already a charge in the intra-party dialogue with indirect spikes with clear recipients, a fact that foreshadows intra-party shocks just before the SYRIZA congress in the Autumn.

The first samples

Euclid Tsakalotou’s clear reference to the victory of metapolitics and image showed that the former finance minister will support Efi Ahtsioglou, something that was also seen from the statements of the Umbrella executives in the previous period. Therefore, the stance taken by the third party, Nikos Pappas and his supporters, will be crucial. Although in his statements yesterday, Mr. Pappas chose not to show support for one of the two contenders, those who are well aware of what has been happening in Koumoundouros lately say that he will hardly publicly support Ms. Ahtsioglou.

On the other hand, the truth is that lately – and especially after the national elections – the relations between Pappas and Polakis (who supports Kasselakis and is considered the man behind all his movements), are not at the point they were before. In any case, however, the demographics of the executives and supporters of the Pappas candidacy are more likely to move towards Stefanos Kasselakis than towards Mrs. Ahtsioglou.

The role of Alexis Tsipras

It is noted, however, that yesterday’s re-appearance of Alexis Tsipras and his statement that “those who declared SYRIZA absent were raped” made some think that it is possible that the former president of the party will take a stand in the coming days and openly declare his support for a from the two nominations. People close to the former president, however, seem to rule out such a possibility and note that if Mr. Tsipras needs to intervene, it will be with a message of unity and ensuring the party’s cohesion.

Apart from who will be the next head of the official opposition, the question of the cohesion of SYRIZA remains. Yesterday’s statements by the protagonists show that the climate between them remains particularly difficult. Efi Ahtsioglou argued that “SYRIZA cannot walk in the waters of easy solutions. What we want is to defeat the regime of the right. Together for the coming struggles and the life we ​​deserve”, leaving a clear edge against Mr. Kasselakis.

Pavlos Polakis immediately responded to Mrs. Ahtsioglou, accusing her of arrogance and moderation: “We swim in crystal clear waters alone…and we will continue next Sunday as well! Others were floundering in the murky waters of silence, meekness-moderation-not to scare the centrists and finally non-opposition!! YG So he told us that the 46-47% who voted for Kasselakis today don’t know about politics and are confused!!! Arrogance will be paid double next Sunday,” Mr. Polakis characteristically wrote in his post on Facebook late at night.

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