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Botafogo is punished by TJD; players were also suspended

Tiquinho Soares is suspended for eight games

Credit: Vítor Silva/Botafogo

The Court of Sports Justice for Football in Rio de Janeiro punished Botafogo with the loss of field control in two matches and a fine of R$ 20,000 due to the confusion that occurred during the match against Flamengo played at Estádio Mané Garrincha in Brasilia. The punishment will affect Botafogo in the next two Carioca Championship games. Players Tiquinho Soarres and Marçal were also punished.

According to journalist Thiago Veras, Botafogo was acquitted of two other accusations. Therefore, the penalty could be greater for the club.

Tiquinho Soares and Marçal are suspended

Left-back Marçal, one of those involved in the confusion of the game against Flamengo, took a 5-game hook and no longer plays for Botafogo in the Carioca Championship.

The player will also have to pay a fine of R$ 3 thousand. The articles in which he was framed are for offense to honor (243-F) and for conduct contrary to sports ethics. Marçal has already served a suspension game, four remain, which means he will no longer be able to play in the Carioca Championship.

Tiquinho Soares, in turn, received a greater punishment: eight games. The player ran the risk of being suspended for up to six months for having, according to referee Tarcizo Pinheiro Caetano recorded in his summary, assaulted the match judge with a headbutt.

During the trial, Tiquinho Soares was moved and said in 15 years of his career that had never happened. According to the player, he did not headbutt, but faced the referee after marking a foul with which he did not agree.

Lucas Perri, goalkeeper of Botafogo, Everton Cebolinha and Marinho, of Flamengo, were acquitted by the TJD-RJ.

According to the GE website, the Botafogo players’ lawyers said they will appeal to the last instance of the Sports Court, the TJD Plenary.

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