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Botafogo avoids greater penalty for Tiquinho and seeks to reduce suspension

Botafogo avoids greater penalty for Tiquinho and seeks to reduce suspension

Credit: Vitor Silva/Botafogo

Botafogo won an initial victory in the courts last Monday, the 6th, by managing to prevent striker Tiquinho Soares from being punished with a harsh suspension of up to 180 days for headbutting referee Tarcizo Pinheiro Caetano, in the classic against Flamengo , in Brasilia.

However, Glorioso’s legal department will still have a lot of work to do in the coming days. This is because the club understands that the punishments were still heavy for both shirt number 9 and left-back Fernando Marçal.

Tiquinho received a suspension of eight games and a fine of R$ 3,000, while the defender will be out of five games and the same amount to be paid. Both have already served an automatic suspension game against Resende.

In an interview given to “GE”, legal manager André Alves explains what Botafogo’s defense strategy is in this case:

“Botafogo’s defense understands that, although well conducted, some points were excessive. So, we are going to appeal to the full TJD-RJ.”

And he concluded by saying:

“The physical aggression article is a very serious article, very heavy, and therefore it should be applied with reservations. The referee’s testimony favored it, because he said there was no aggression. This all helped the defense. Undoubtedly, the words of the referee and Tiquinho were very important to lift that heavy load of 180 days. If this penalty were maintained, it would be very harmful to Botafogo and the athlete.”

Loss of field command

Another point that should be discussed by Glorioso’s legal team is the loss of field control in two games that he suffered due to objects thrown on the lawn of the Mané Garrincha stadium, also in the classic against Flamengo.

The regulation provides for the application of the punishment five working days after the trial, with that, the club would only serve the penalty in any semifinals and final of the Carioca Championship.

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