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Boric’s phone call to De Urresti to stop his reform of the political system

“We have been asked to wait a little, because some parties are fine-tuning their proposals. We have the signatures for the presentation, but, being a priority of the government and the opposition, we will hope that these reflections can mature.”

In this way, yesterday afternoon the senator Alfonso de Urrestipresident of the Constitution commission of the Upper House, explained at a press point the reasons why his proposal to reform the political system, which he drafted and shared with senators from the ruling party and the opposition, did not prosper, despite having wide majority in the Senate.

What the legislator did not say was that one of those who asked him to “wait a little” was President Gabriel Boric.

Yesterday the leadership of the Socialist Party (PS), headed by the senator Paulina Vodanovicheld a meeting that had a single objective: to address the initiative of From Urresti and the noise it generated within the community, considering that, according to PS sources, was not addressed in partisan instances.

In that context, it was De Urresti himself, who admitted to his peers that the President called him on the phone after announcing his proposal, precisely to recommend that he wait a little longer, emphasize that “now is not the time” and try to make a reform of this type as transversal as possible.

The proposal consisted of two key points. On the one hand, suggested establishing a minimum threshold of 5% of the votes validly issued at the national level so that a party can apply for seats in Congress. On the other hand, he intended sanction with the loss of their seat those parliamentarians who, having been elected by a certain community, resign from it.

After the board meeting, Vodanovic called a press conference in which From Urresti, Senator Gastón Saavedra and Deputy Leonardo Soto. There, the helmsman asserted that “changes and reform are obviously required. In that sense, the project that Senator De Urresti has prepared is in our interest as a party to be able to implement it along with other reforms that we are going to analyze in the short term.”

When consulted by this means, the senator elaborated that “the table meeting was called by me for the purposes of analyzing possible bills to reform the political system, just as we agreed to do several weeks ago“, a situation that was suspended following the murder of the police in Cañete.”

Specifically, the socialist table had contemplated meet together with the former expert commissioner and socialist activist Gabriel Osoriowith the aim of him giving an account of the efforts that have been made among those who made up the expert commission of the second constituent process to offer a transversal proposal for reform of the political system.

Considering that From Urresti is vice president of P.S.and, therefore, he was aware of the activity they would have with Osorio, That he took the lead with his proposal upset some socialist leaders. He even irritated other parties in the governing alliance, who argued that this matter should be debated together.

According to party sources, Vodanovic herself spoke with De Urresti on Tuesday and let him know that, for the moment, she would not support his proposalsince, as agreed, there should first be conversations with the PS political committee and committee.

Finally, Osorio will participate in the political commission of the Socialist Party scheduled for this Monday.

This Wednesday, De Urresti surprised with his presence in La Moneda, where he met with one of the advisors of the Second Floor, Felipe Valenzuela. Although he would have limited himself to talking about the nomination of Valdivia as a wetland city, the senator crossed paths in the courtyard of Los Cañones with Minister Camila Vallejo, with whom he was able to quickly address contingency issues, such as his project to modify the political system.

When consulted by this means, De Urresti assured that “there is a consensus within the table to listen to the different requests, continue promoting the project, file it with the Senate Constitution Commission, but try to add more agreements, mainly in the Chamber of Deputies”.

Regarding the President’s call, the senator limited himself to saying that “both the Executive and the PS are ready to listen.” no longer stop at carrying out a reform of this nature, which I believe is good for the country. The President always thinks about better stability for the country (…). Let us understand that this reform will mainly affect or serve the next administrations. It is the task of a President and a coalition not only to govern well, but also to bequeath a better political system for the following generations.”.

In any case, Boric’s position is aligned with what has been said in public from La Moneda about De Urresti’s reform proposal.

Yesterday at a press point, the government spokesperson minister, Camila Vallejo, stated that “any reform to the political system has to be the fruit and result of a broad dialogue and a broad agreement. That’s what we hope for (…), not just a particular initiative from one parliamentarian or another”.

Previously, in an interview with Archi Radiosthe Head of State stated that “I hope that there is a willingness on the part of the actors to reform the political system in order to have a better political system for Chile.where the priority is not how my party is going to do in the next election or how it affects me, but rather how it is better for Chile.”

Of course, on that occasion, he emphasized that “it would be very incomprehensible to most people that those of us who are in politics are capable of agreeing on the rules that govern our profession, but are not able to agree on the pensions that affect the vast majority of Chileans.”

These statements by the President earned him criticism from the opposition, which questioned whether La Moneda was putting obstacles in the way of advancing a reform of the political system.

In fact, prior to the Palace’s public position, the Executive already conveyed their reservations and doubts that the President had about advancing a project of that type. This, because he had apprehensions and suspected the interest of the right in the initiative and how they could benefit in the face of the upcoming electoral challenges.

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