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Boric highlights approval of the short isapres law

Within the framework of his participation in the Annual Construction Meeting 2024President Gabriel Boric He referred this Tuesday morning to the approval of the short Isapres law yesterday in the National Congress.

In the Senate, the report of the mixed commission was approved with 39 votes in favor, three votes against and two abstentions. In the Chamber of Deputies, later, approved with 122 votes in favor, 14 against and 10 abstentionsnow ready to be promulgated.

Before those present at the Metropolitan Event Centerthe President valued the dispatch of the initiative, which allows compliance with the Supreme Court ruling which mandates private insurers to return the excess charges (US$ 1,589 million) that they made in the past by increasing the value of their plans, and also to use a new table of factors.

“We stated our position from the beginning, which was to comply with the Supreme Court ruling, protect people’s health, end abuses and avoid any type of forgiveness.”he claimed.

According to the Head of State, “the approved project achieves this by also providing stability to the health system, which I believe is tremendously important,” since, he noted, “For too many years, the Isapres made abusive charges as established by the Supreme Court and unfairly discriminated against part of their users.”

Along the same lines, he maintained that on the part of the isapres there were “an irresponsibility that caused this complex scenario”and “The amounts collected in excess must be returned and the Isapres are going to have to pay the entire debt they maintain with their members. They have quotas established with priority for older people, giving, I insist, stability to the system.”

Boric highlighted that the one approved yesterday “it is a responsible law, because it protects the continuity of health care for members who can now be calmer. But also, Not only will the ruling of the Supreme Court be complied with, but there will also be a historic strengthening of Fonasawhich today serves 84% ​​of the associates.”

“Fonasa users, including myself, will now be able to have complementary insurance that will give them better economic conditions to also have their care from private providers, which also adds to everything we have advanced in terms of Zero Copay, which has already benefited more than a million people”hill.

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