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Hejda recalled the ten-year-old...

Together with another experienced defender, Radim Řezník, who even scored at the time,...

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Bobky and boby from hockey Prague. Parsnip among photojournalists and pulling the udder

Behind the scenes and the main scene of the hockey world championship through the eyes and lens of Deník photojournalist František Bílek.

Get in, pay nothing, we’ve won! Bus line 375 was filling up half an hour before midnight, the well-mannered driver greeted individual passengers, whose euphoria was palpable. The first match at the home World Cup of the Czech Republic came out. “Is it going to Čerňák?” suddenly asked a clear question, examining the route of the crowded means of transport. “No, to Černák!” replied someone promptly, wittily and truthfully. Welcome, hockey championship, after nine years in Prague!

WC in hockey: Czech Republic - Finland

The birth of a daughter, then a win over Finland. The most beautiful day of life, smiled Kubalík

Most importantly, don’t forget anything. Chargers, card, reader, documents… Surprisingly, I managed to do it, I’m already in Prague before twelve and I’m looking for an accreditation center. Everything goes smoothly and relatively quickly. Another photo for the accreditation card and a few minutes later, I’m already going through the security frame that has to check everyone who wants to be in the temple of hockey.

The opening duel between the Czechs and Finland at Jezera Most, which was interrupted by a blackout on the big screen.

A blackout ruined the hockey romance. People were fleeing from Jezera Most to go home

The media center is not just one, but two. In the smaller one, where the press conferences with the coaches will be held, a meeting of photojournalists is taking place from half past one. Photographing the world championship cannot be chaos, everything is organized down to the last detail. I’m packing the photo vest, absorbing the instructions, and suddenly I see Paste! Typical features, only the figure is noticeably smaller. And somehow he got old. The colleague is really similar to him, by the way, look at the photo gallery, Pastrňák’s clone is well done.

I wish the real David Pastrňák could fly to Prague. We play surprisingly well against the Finns, but the ending is poor. I am afraid that we will have a big problem with scoring goals in the championship. The atmosphere in the hall is amazing, compared to the afternoon duel between the Swiss and the Norwegians, sky and bagpipes. Bob and Bobek amuse the audience, after nine years they are fantastic again.

Palát’s goal is examined by the referees on video. I look at my photos to say mine before their verdict. One of our players is in the goal area, the judges probably won’t recognize this goal. Unfortunately, it is. Instead of an angry reaction, one of the Czech fans in the audience pulls Fin, who is dressed as a cow, by the udder in a friendly way. I have it! Great photo, you just can’t see it.

Czechs will be cheering not only in the O2 arena, but like every year they will also gather in pubs and fan zones

Resellers discount? Hockey tickets flood the internet, promising free beer

We don’t convert a lot of pressure into a goal, in the end we can still concede, Suomi bite unpleasantly in the end. But Lukáš Dostál is great in our goal. He doesn’t make any crazy interventions, he is calm, extremely focused. They don’t even concede a goal in raids, the fans are going crazy. And our winner is given by Ondra Kaše from Litvínov! But he scores into the opposite goal, which is a difficult task for me from the point of view of photography. But when, after Roman Červenka’s goal, the substitute rushes onto the ice to celebrate the first points on the table, I squeeze my Canon by one hundred and six.

Take a look at the photos and enjoy the euphoria again.

Canada will play for the first time on Saturday, with future global star Connor Bedar performing in a packed O2 Arena. It’s going to be big!

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