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Bobky and boby from hockey Prague: How they took me out of the Canadian training

Behind the scenes and the main scene of the hockey world championship through the eyes and lens of Deník photojournalist František Bílek. He saw for himself that photographing the training of overseas stars is not an innocent pastime.

WC in hockey, Prague: Canada’s training in the main role with Connor Bedard

| Photo: Deník/František Bílek

The hockey arena was once again shaken to its foundations on Wednesday, the one who did not jump during the duel with Denmark was not the Czech Republic. The atmosphere during the matches of the home team is really fantastic, it often blows away even us journalists. It’s not like we’re jumping behind the guardrails or in the stands, but it’s a really nice feeling.

WC in hockey, Prague: Canada's training in the main role with Connor Bedard

Voráček gets caught up in Bedard’s criticism. The Canadian star smiled at training

“What are they shouting?” the English-speaking photojournalist in position number three raised his eyebrows inquisitively. “Fantastic!” he gave a thumbs up when I explained the Czech national slogan to him. I’m guessing it was a Canadian journalist, because they definitely don’t cheer like that in the NHL. For representatives of the seventh great power from overseas, visiting Prague and getting to know the mentality of Czech fans is an unprecedented experience, which they report with unprecedented interest and enthusiasm.

For the last two days, however, they have been dealing with Connor Bedard, whom Jakub Voráček noted that by not celebrating his goals, he shows disrespect to his defeated opponents. It’s a fact that the Canadian star has the look of a poker player on his face after clearing the puck into the opponent’s cage, not even a hint of a smile. True, the Czechs are allergic to the lack of emotions, let’s remember how they took the cold behavior of former national team coach Filip Pešán for granted.

But I saw him! Well, not Pešána, but Bedard’s smile. He wasn’t even smiling, let alone laughing. It was more like just a hint, something like da Vinci’s Mona Lisa. That’s exactly how the 18-year-old’s expression was several times at Wednesday’s Canadian training, when his teammates did something right or when a joke flew in his direction. But the price for Bedard’s smile could be very high.

Universum O2 training hallUniversum O2 training hallSource: Deník/František Bílek

Canada had a training session in the adjacent Universum hall two hours before the match between the Czech Republic and Denmark. It takes a while to get to the training hall from the media center, but it was a first for me. Suddenly I found myself next to the ice surface, the Canadian players and the implementation team were just getting ready for a team photo. As soon as I had time to take out my camera and take a few pictures, one of the heads of the media department rushed at me and carried me backstage in his teeth. Before I could reach the auditorium floor, Bedard et al. they were already training hard.

Even so, the photos of a decently smiling Bedard are a valuable catch for me, which I can now serve you with bliss in my soul. You can also look at photo galleries from both Wednesday’s matches in Prague. And the photo of the day? The joy of the Danish striker Mathias From, who reduced the score to 6:4 in the 52nd minute of the duel with the Czech Republic thanks to his emphasis.

WC in hockey, Prague: Czech Republic - Denmark 7:4WC in hockey, Prague: Czech Republic – Denmark 7:4Source: Deník/František Bílek

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