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Bizum in all banks this year

Andorra la VellaAndbank was the first Andorran bank to offer payment by ‘bizum’ which has become indispensable in the surrounding countries. The birth of Myandbank app as a digital bank included this option to make small amount payments limited to a maximum monthly figure. It also includes the possibility of making national and international transfers without commission and an account paid at 1% up to 30,000 euros.

The ‘bizum’ option will also be offered to the other two banks this year. But it will be with a different ttactic. Both the ‘green’ and the ‘blue’ banks will include the bizum option among the features that will have the renewal of the applications to operate through the network.

There is still no specific date for the start of the option to send money by bizum and it will depend on when the process of remodeling the applications to operate digitally is finished, nor will the limits. It is clear, however, that mobile-to-mobile payments can be made immediately when the amounts are not excessive.

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