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Bills, Chiefs and Patriots will come to Europe in 2023

The NFL is preparing its return to Europe! This Thursday, the league announced that the Titans, Bills, Jaguars, Chiefs and Patriots will come to play in Europe in 2023.

For Jacksonville, it will be at Wembley. London also for Tennessee and Buffalo, but at Tottenham Stadium, where the two teams will be considered to host a meeting.

Finally, Kansas City and New England are announced on the side of Germany. Important nuance, the NFL does not announce an opposition between the two teams. It looks like they should each play a game in Germany as a home team.

It had previously been announced that Frankfurt was to host a game in 2023, but the league says the venue is yet to be determined for both the Chiefs and Patriots. So it seems possible to have both Frankfurt and Munich in 2023. Given the success of the first match at Bayern’s stadium last November, that wouldn’t necessarily come as a surprise.

Opponents, dates and terms of sale for these matches will be announced at a later date.

Furthermore, it is confirmed that no matches will take place in Mexico City in 2023.

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