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Being rescued by helicopter by the firemen in case of imprudence will cost 3,300 euros every half hour

Andorra la VellaIf a person due to imprudence causes them to have to be rescued by the fire brigade and a helicopter has to be used, the cost will be 3,300 euros for every half hour. This is an example of the new tariff model of the regulation that Interior is preparing for the interventions of members of the body. It will be necessary to determine what is the grievance that would be considered the fault of the rescued. An example would be to go to the mountain poorly equipped and that this negligence causes the intervention of the fire brigade with the use of the helicopter. It must be taken into account that the deployment necessary for a rescue of these characteristics has significant costs, especially due to the displacement of the helicopter.

The director of the fire brigade, Jordi Farré, in statements to Andorra Television, has mentioned other cases where it could be considered negligence. “Or with a signal of a high danger of avalanches, go and make a shovel and have an avalanche come down when you have the information, the signals, the warnings through the app and the public media , etc.”

This regulation also wants to put a price on services that are provided to private individuals and that are not urgent. How to be present at sporting events and pyrotechnic shows for safety.

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