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Battle with mud, stench and mosquitoes in Thessaly – Water remains a huge problem

Battle with mud, stench and mosquitoes in Thessaly - Water remains a huge problem

Efforts by the residents of the affected areas are continuing Thessaly from bad weatherso that their houses become habitable and return to normalcy.

Efforts are focused on the removal of mud, but also the strong stench, mold, and fighting mosquitoes, due to the stagnant waters from the floods in Thessaly, for which residents are immediately asking for spraying.

At the same time, there is also a big problem with water, as even where there is a water supply, residents do not use it because they are afraid of diseases, and there is still no clear official instruction for its use.

In Trikala, the authorities are trying to restore normality and quick access to the Stournareikas of the Municipality of Pyli, by installing a Bailey bridge, where the work started yesterday.

Within the week, access to the above village, but also to the rest of the villages from the main road, will be restored, after the devastation caused by the recent natural disaster.

Feeding the flood victims also has a primary role in the care of the affected. The same picture exists in Karditsa.

In Trikala, up to 2,800 portions of food are offered daily by the Municipality of Trikkaia to the flood victims, as announced by the municipal authority (lunch and dinner) to those who are accommodated in hotels, but also to those who live in villages and do not have the opportunity to cook .

The food is prepared by the Social Restaurant of the Municipality of Trikkaia, by the nursery schools of the Municipality of Trikkaia, by the SMY and by private individuals, through the relevant process.


Operations are underway to clean up the large amount of mud that has spread in the districts of the city of Larissa.

The residents of the flooded districts of the city, but also of the countryside, continue to clean their houses with the help of voluntary organizations, while the pumping of water continues in many houses where the water does not recede, so that they can return to normality.

Residents of the countryside and villages towards the city are also in search of shelter, as their houses are flooded and the mud has covered a large part of the settlements.

One of the most important issues is public health, with the authorities taking the necessary measures. Vaccination of those who wish with the anti-tetanus vaccine has started since Saturday.

The responses to the workers’ apartment buildings of Larissa are also in progress, with the residents concerned about the stability of the houses.

Similar problems are faced by residents in the countryside of the prefecture, due to the extensive damage to their houses from the catastrophic flood.

Volos without water for the 15th day – “They buy it themselves”

And in Volos and Magnesia, the problems with water remain, since it is not used there either.

In fact, according to the residents, most of them now buy the water themselves after the ones that were given have run out.

Many villages in Magnesia, like in Pelion, remain in the mud.

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