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B.C. ‘UFO’ video explanation not exactly out of this world

A Campbell River resident’s video, shot in May of flickering lights over the water off the city, garnered speculation about a possible Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs).

Dean Berg, who shot the video of the flickering lights for approximately 45 minutes from his balcony at Heron’s Landing, was shocked by what he saw while shooting the video.

“I’d never seen anything like it again,” said Berg when speaking to the Mirror about his footage.

However, it appears that the lights Berg saw on may 29 have a simple, straightforward explanation: night kites.

A variation on the box kite, a night kite has been outfitted with ultra lite LED lights which allow hobbyists to fly at night in style.

Rebecca Williams of Nanaimo, says her husband, Neil, was the individual flying the kites along the seaside during that night in May when Berg recorded his footage.

“He was in Campbell River for a few days,” Williams said of Neil, who works as a crane operator. “If he goes out of town, he will take his many kites with him. He was on the beach flying.”

Williams says her and her husband have flown night kites for at least 15 years.

“They aren’t close to how high aircraft is,” said Williams. “It’s surprising to think that people would mistake it for a UFO.”

Berg’s reaction to the explanation that it was kites, not extraterrestrials, was one of essential disbelief.

“I’d never heard of night kites before,” said Berg. “It would be nice to see a good video of them though.”

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