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Augusti has reached a tie with APOEL and is approaching Berg

Sofronis Augusti celebrated his second victory as coach of Omonia against APOEL yesterday (3/9). The shamrocks won 2-1 against the blue and yellow in the four-elimination derby with the Cypriot coach getting his first three points against his former team and also his second win, as he was preceded by the one in the cup last March (2-0). with which he excluded APOEL.

At the same time, Augusti reached four consecutive games without defeat against the “eternal” rival of the greens, as between his two victories he had the two draws in the playoffs of last year’s championship.

And just like that, the 46-year-old “touches” Henning Berg’s performance, which is a ten-year record for Omonia, since during this time, only with the Norwegian, the shamrocks remained undefeated in five consecutive matches against APOEL.

The 2019-2021 streak with Berg:

02/12/19 Omonia-APOEL 0-0

02/03/20 APOEL-Omonoia 0-0

07/12/20 APOEL-Omonoia 0-3

20/02/21 Omonia-APOEL 1-0

02/24/21 APOEL-Omonoia 1-1 (Cup)

The 2023 streak with August:

01/03/23 APOEL-Omonoia 0-2 (Cup)

11/03/23 Omonia-APOEL 1-1

01/05/23 APOEL-Omonoia 0-0

03/09/23 Omonia-APOEL 2-1

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