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Attempts to blackmail companies

Escaldes-EngordanyThe Police warns of scam attempts that reach companies through the contact form available on their web pages. They ask for $3000 which should be paid in bitcoins (0.14) and the addresses where the money should be sent. In the messages, the fraudsters claim to have ‘hacked’ the companies’ websites and threaten serious consequences for their reputation, such as filtering and selling the data obtained, and informing the alleged victims that their data has been made public. The ‘hack’ is fake. The scam is used to blackmail and ask for payment in cryptocurrencies.

This is a type of scam that has been occurring since 2020 through mass mailings of this message. The goal is to alarm receivers so that they end up paying. They ask for up to $3,000 in bitcoins and even lay out how to get them. Finally, they say that if the payment is not made, they will execute the threat and that the company will end up spending more money looking for a solution to the data leak. Although this is a fake ‘hacking’, the Police recommends that companies periodically carry out security checks and access to their websites.

Image of one of the fake emails.

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