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Attacks at the Eastern Swiss social welfare organization for queer young people? -News


The public prosecutor’s office confirms investigations. The responsible city council of Chur is demanding a ruthless clarification.

  • In meetings for queer young people there are said to have been intimate contacts between visitors and adults who work there.
  • The St. Gallen public prosecutor’s office confirms a report by the “Tages-Anzeiger”. Criminal proceedings have been opened against two people.
  • The responsible authorities and the queer community react with concern.

The public prosecutor’s office confirmed to SRF that it was about suspicion of criminal acts against sexual integrity. She does not provide any further information. One of the two accused also does not want to say anything when asked while the investigation is ongoing.

The two meetings in Buchs (SG) and Chur (GR) are currently closed “due to staff shortages,” as it says on the club’s website. The contact points are financially supported by the cantons of St. Gallen and Graubünden as well as the city of Chur.

Politics reacts affectedly

The responsible Chur city councilor Patrick Degiacomi (SP) told SRF that he was “very affected” by the allegations. However, the presumption of innocence applies as long as the case has not been resolved. “If such allegations are made, then there is only one thing: the accused persons must be released immediately so that the allegations can be clarified.” It is unclear whether the two people are currently still working for the social welfare agency.

The city of Chur would have wanted to support the club more strongly – with 10,000 francs instead of 3,000 francs annually. It is now being examined whether youth work for queer people can be enhanced in other ways, it is said. The SVP parliamentary group in the St. Gallen Cantonal Council announced a proposal in which they would demand information about the canton’s financial support for the association.

“Urgently needed offer”

The club has done very necessary work with its contact points, says Pascal Pajic from the Khur Pride club. “The youth meeting facility was actively used,” he says. “Several young people have told me that this offer has brought them out of deep depression. This offer provided active suicide prevention.”

A book entitled Gender Queer lies on a table


Experts say that queer young people have special needs that often cannot be met in youth work. The club’s offer was unique for eastern Switzerland.


Normal youth work offers are not enough; a protected framework is needed. “Many young people have not yet come out to friends, family or at school. So you can’t be yourself in these important places.” But it is also clear to Pascal Pajic: “It has to continue without the two people responsible and not in the current structures.”

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