“Kuba Vrána is a talented player who played most of his time on the farm this season, but he did not come in the form we would have imagined. It is similar with Radim Zohorna, his form is not ideal and there is not enough time to play. I told Tomáš Nosk the reasons for my decision, but I will keep them to myself,” said coach Rulík at the press conference.

Czech hockey players will enter the last phase of preparation before the home World Cup on Thursday evening.

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The implementation team, on the other hand, included in the nomination for MS also Toronto Maple Leafs forward David Kämpf, who was eliminated with his team from the NHL playoffs in the seventh game series with Boston on Sunday night. “He should join the team on Thursday, I contacted him right after the game. We called at half past two in the morning his time. There are some scars, but you could tell he is fit and keen to come. We are still waiting for the green light from the club,” said the general manager of the national team, Petr Nedvěd.

Fighting spirit and heart

The implementation team is keeping a free spot on the roster for possible reinforcements after the second round of the NHL playoffs, which starts on Monday night. “Of course, we will give ourselves some space to discuss it with the coaches. We will definitely keep a place, it is matched in the NHL playoffs in such a way that someone else could fly in,” said Nedvěd. “When David Kämpf joins, we will announce on Thursday which twenty-two players plus three goalkeepers we will write on the roster, and how many of them will appear in the first match against Finland,” Rulík added.

Even the engagement of defender David Jiříček, who is still starting in the AHL playoffs, is not completely out of the question yet. “I talked to his general manager, but they don’t want to let David go during the playoffs. If they drop out, there will be a chance,” noted Nedvěd.

According to coach Rulík, the selection of nominees was decided by consistency throughout the season, he has eight players from the NHL on the roster, including three goalkeepers. “Currently, we have fewer and fewer players overseas in the first two lines, players from Europe predominate. We should therefore clearly present ourselves with heart and dedication and do our best for success at the home championship,” Rulík added.

The Czech national team will start domestic championship in Prague Friday’s duel against Finland.