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At the WC in hockey with only these four things. Fans are confused about the instructions

The organizers of the World Ice Hockey Championship, which will start in Prague and Ostrava in a few days, have prepared a manual for fans, which should ensure their quick and safe entry into both arenas. Hockey fans who are going to visit the world championship matches, but still have a lot of confusion.

Fans in the Fanzone at the O2 Arena during the 2015 Hockey World Cup match between Canada and the Czech Republic

| Photo: Deník/Dimír Šťastný

It’s a practical thing. Organizers world championship they put together an information package for visitors, where they can find out the necessary information for transport to both organizing arenas, tickets and refreshments.

Also included are important instructions regarding items that visitors can take to Prague’s O2 Arena and Ostrava’s Ostravar Arena and which they should leave at home.

By the way, the names of both home stands are a target of surprise for some fans. On the website, they will find the somewhat simplified names Praha Aréna and Ostrava Aréna. “No, it’s still the O2 Arena, but for the purposes of the World Cup we use these designations,” explain the competent people on the Facebook profile of the championship.

Fan euphoria will flood the entire Czech Republic during the World Cup in May

The 2024 World Hockey Championship program: When will the Czechs compete and the complete schedule of the tournament

But the main current of discussion started precisely with the aforementioned advice, what the visitor can afford to bring with him.

Some fans were somewhat frightened by the recommendation to take on hockey just a ticket, documents, wallet and phone. “Please leave everything else at home or the checks at the entrance to the arena will take forever,” the website says.

“And can I at least take the keys to the apartment?” asks one of them on Instagram, apparently with a significant amount of irony.

Others ask, for example, about a canvas bag or backpack. The instructions also include a list of prohibited items in the form of pictograms. According to the pictures, you will not be allowed into the arenas with, for example, a laptop, a drone, an umbrella, a dog, food and a number of other things.

Others, such as luggage, have their own limitations regarding size or volume. In order to go with you to the hockey game, the luggage itself must be a maximum of 30x20x15 centimeters (in Prague, the third of the dimensions is even a maximum of 10 cm), the flag or banner, in turn, up to 3×2 meters and the drum 60×40 cm.

A number of questions are coming

However, as it follows from the reactions of the fans, although it tries to be as comprehensive as possible, it understandably does not cover everything. And so a number of questions arise, such as whether a person can take a power bank, a canvas bag, a small compact camera or even an epipen, i.e. an injection solution intended for the acute treatment of severe allergic reactions.

In the event that a fan does bring some of the prohibited items with him to hockey, there will be storage facilities in Prague and Ostrava. The price for storing one item is set at CZK 50, or two euros. But be careful, you won’t walk with a credit card. It will only be possible to pay in cash.

The Czech hockey players will be strengthened by ten players from the NHL.

Czechs in general at the World Cup with ten reinforcements from the NHL. Palát, Gudas and Mrázek arrive

“But keep in mind that the capacity of the storage room is limited. Therefore, do not really take things with you that are not absolutely necessary. The deposit is mainly used for the safekeeping of excessive items,” the organizers point out.

A complete information package for fans traveling to the match to of Praguecan be found here, to Ostrava then here.

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