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Astronomers took pictures of the Hand of God. The fascinating phenomenon has an obscure origin

Images of the unique comet globule CG4, the so-called Hands of God, were taken by scientists using special technology. Although they have known about the star-forming phenomenon for almost half a century, they have not yet found out how it originated. They only have a few theories so far.

Hand of God image. A cometary globule is located in the Milky Way.

| Photo: Courtesy CTIO/NOIRLab/DOE/NSF/AURA

Astronomers captured in the image Milky way a rarely observed cometary globule. That is, a phenomenon that is similar in shape to comets, especially due to the elongated tail, but in fact has nothing to do with comets. At first glance, the CG4 globule looks like a ghostly hand reaching across the galaxy. This is also why experts call it the Hand of God.

Scientists from the US research center NOIRLab said that in the image taken by the Dark Energy Camera, a glowing red object can be seen reaching towards the spiral galaxy known as ESO 257-19 (PGC 21338). They specified that the galaxy is over a hundred million light-years away from the globule.

Supergalaxy Einasto excited scientists:

In the new study, the scientists identified a total of 662 galaxies.  They studied their properties to better understand how the massive cluster of galaxies came together.

The massive Einasto supergalaxy has excited scientists. It is full of extremes and knowledge

The observed cometary globule is designated CG4. It is a dark nebula filled with dense gas and dust that surrounds hot, energetic materials.

“CG4 has an arm resembling a dust head 1.5 light-years in diameter and has a long tail that stretches for eight light-years,” she stated NOIRLab spokesperson Josie Fenske. She added that from Earth is a nebula 1,300 light-years away and located in the constellation of the Ship’s Stern.

Hand of God images:

Source: Youtube

The dimensions are thus enormous, since one light year corresponds to roughly ten trillion kilometers. Despite their size, cometary globules are difficult for scientists to capture in images. The reason is its very weak glow, the tails are mostly covered by star dust.

Unknown origin

Cometary globules CG4 were discovered by experts in 1976 while viewing images taken by Britain’s Schmidt Telescope in Australia. They are now observing it using special technology with a filter that can pick up the incredibly faint red glow emitted by the ionized hydrogen present in the head and edges of the phenomenon. However, the glow is created only after the impact of energy from nearby stars, which allows the globule to be visible, but at the same time destroys its head.

Cometary globules have been noted by astronomers before:

Source: Youtube

Researchers by server Space further stated that cometary globules are found throughout the Milky Way, with the largest number found in the Gum Nebula, 31 to be exact. Their dust and gas help the birth of stars the size of Sun. Yet they still have no idea how this star-forming region came to be.

Experts according to CNN so far they have theories about the origin of the characteristic shape of the globules. The first assumption is that it may be a remnant of a round nebula that was later disrupted by a supernova explosion. It collapsed to form a rapidly spinning pulsar, leaving a stellar wind blowing away almost everything in its path.

There is a mysterious object in the Milky Way for which scientists have no explanation:

An artist's illustration of a system assuming the massive host star is a black hole.  The brightest star in the background is a radio pulsar

Astronomers have discovered a mysterious object in the Milky Way. They have no explanation for him

Another hypothesis is that the stellar wind and intense ionizing radiation from massive stars somehow shaped the dust and gases into the shape of the comet.

Footage from space

Astronomers recently showed i shots of the Sun, on which they captured rain, spicules and lace. NASA also showed a detailed black hole images located in the Milky Way. She also posted sounds of space. Experts found i white dwarf with a metal stain.

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