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Arturo Vidal only adds victories in his duels against UC

Arturo Vidal makes happy accounts in Colo Colo. The midfielder leaves the criticism behind and this Saturday he was the figure of the Cacique before the UC. He scored the only goal of the classic and increased his undefeated record against Universidad Católica. He has never lost to the Crusaders. He has never even tied. He only adds wins against the cast of Las Condes.

“They said that Colo Colo played badly. I heard it the other day against Cobreloa and that makes me angry because that day we didn’t deserve to lose. Cobreloa did his job, he took the three points, but we didn’t deserve it. The important thing is that today we improved and we were focused for the 90 minutes,” He pointed out after the game to TNT Sports.

Date Place Result
05-11-2006 National UC 0-1 CC
05-27-2007 Monumental CC 2-1 UC
04-20-2024 Saint Laura UC 0-1 CC

Universidad Católica has not been able to beat Colo Colo in First Division duels for four years. The last time was in February 2020, in Pedrero. Cacique’s undefeated streak against the Strip totals eight duels. The previous best cycle included 18 matches (9 wins and 9 draws) between 1985 and 1993.

In this cycle, the albos have been directed by two technicians: Gustavo Quinteros (7) and Jorge Almirón (1). UC had six coaches on the bench: Ariel Holan (3), Gustavo Poyet (1), Cristian Paulucci (1), Rodrigo Valenzuela (1), Nicolás Núñez (1) and Tiago Nunes (1).

Date Result Stadium
02-16-2020 CC 0-2 UC Monumental
12-19-2020 UC 0-0 CC Saint Charles
07-17-2021 UC 0-0 CC Saint Charles
10-24-2021 CC 2-1 UC Monumental
04-24-2022 UC 1-1 CC Saint Charles
04-10-2022 CC 0-0 UC Monumental
04-15-2023 UC 0-0 CC Saint Laura
01-10-2023 CC 2-1 CC Monumental
04-20-2024 UC 0-1 CC Saint Laura

Between 1939 and 2019, the classic between UC and Colo Colo totaled 569 goals in 176 confrontations, averaging 3.2 goals per game. In the 2020-2024 cycle, he accumulated 11 conquests in 9 matches, with an average of just 1.2 per game.

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