“Nice opening ceremony and boo Hadamczik. A great start to the WC in hockey,” wrote user Martin on the X social network.

He thus captured the feelings of many others who shared their impressions of the solemn ceremony, which took place in Prague O2 Arena preceded the match between Czech and Finnish hockey players.

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He obviously had his heroes and anti-heroes. The first group included Jaromír Jágr, who, after a short film about history and hockey was shown and the singer Lenny presented her song Hell.o, appeared on the Czech stage. The legendary 68 earned a standing ovation from the packed arena.

But Hadamczik caught it. The president of the Czech Ice Hockey Association, who announced shortly before the start of the championship that he intends to run for office again, was greeted with a loud whistle, over which even his speech could not be heard.

Moderator helped

Actually, it wouldn’t be very audible even without the whistle. It was during the words of the union boss that the technology failed and in the end moderator Libor Bouček had to help.

Lively debates took place on social networks on Hadamczik’s account. He is said to have decided to run after the clubs expressed their support. “It is necessary to create as much pressure as possible on the clubs so that the delegates do not elect this scumbag anymore. The clubs will be satisfied with his stay, and since we are in the Czech Republic, not many people want to step out of their comfort zone for the greater good,” writes Patrik.

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Criticism did not escape even from Martin, who shared a fresh experience. “Aloisi Hadamczik, shame on you. Line up an hour and a half before the match and the fans can’t see the start? You’re going to hell!!” he writes on a shared photo of queues at the entrances.

But the majority agreed on one thing. The fans’ expectations are over, the championship has finally begun.