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Another against the psychiatrist Larraín: Orrego’s attack against ProCultura for debt of more than one billion pesos after cancellation of agreements

The legal actions against ProCultura Foundationinvestigated within the framework of the so-called money troubles case for alleged irregular use of public funds, do not stop.

And after facing demands from its former workers, raids, a noisy closure process and other attacks in court, the Metropolitan Regional Government led by Claudio Orrego filed a complaint against this entity founded by Alberto Larraín and Ilonka Csillag in 2009, for the non-restitution of more than one billion pesos.

As detailed in the document presented before the 7th Guarantee Court of Santiago, the action is directed against ProCultura and its legal representative, María Constanza Gómez, for the crime of misappropriation.

They argue that despite the fact that an agreement signed with the NGO for mental health projects was terminated early and the same were liquidated, the entity did not return the amounts committed, directly affecting the GORE coffers.

“Having demanded the amounts delivered to the defendants and not having restored them, after the liquidation of the aforementioned agreement It has been possible to establish damage amounting to the sum of $1,015,283,548all of this plus readjustments and interest, for the money appropriated and diverted by the defendants,” reads the eight-page document.

“Alberto Larraín will no longer be part of the exhibitors”: school cancels participation of ProCultura director due to connection with the money mess case
Alberto Larraín, one of the founders of ProCultura.

They established, in the same sense, that within the framework of the execution of the project that was based on suicide prevention, ProCultura failed to comply with the rules, “not making available to the Metropolitan GORE the bank account statements that should contain the transferred public funds.”all of which meant the early termination of the contract and the demand for immediate restitution of the monies delivered and not rendered.”

Despite this, as explained in the complaint, the money was never returned to the agency.

Although within the framework of the signing of the agreement in question ProCultura had delivered to the GORE “a guarantee of faithful compliance with public contracts”once the case broke out and it was decided to terminate the contract early due to non-compliance, the foundation stopped responding.

On November 14, 2023, in fact, they were asked to provide account statements in order to verify that they maintained the amounts that had been previously transferred to them, but they had met the deadline, There was no response and it was decided to end the agreement and begin the process to recover the money.

“Through Exempt Resolution No. 36, dated January 9, 2024, the liquidation of the signed transfer agreement was approved, in which it was established that the property damage caused by the defendant corresponds to the sum of $1,015,283,548, money that has not been returned by the Pro Cultura Foundation to this Metropolitan Regional Government,” the GORE emphasizes.

That, likewise, fails to comply with the provisions of the agreement in question, which precisely established that: “The receiving entity accepts and undertakes to immediately return to the Regional Government the public resources required from it and that they have been transferred due to this agreement when a resolution issued by the Regional Government establishes it for early termination, for rejected expenses or for another well-founded reason.”

Dragomir Yankovic/Aton Chile

In the midst of the same action, the GORE also asked that its intention to “civilly sue the defendants, opportunely requesting the compensation that at that time seems appropriate to us.”

To this end, and considering that this action is still in preparation, they requested that the Public Ministry be able to carry out a series of procedures.

They asked the Conservators of Real Estate and Commerce of Santiago and San Miguel to be notified, so that report property registrations in the name of the defendants, sending the respective background information; that an order be sent to investigate the PDI, in order to carry out a asset survey of the defendants, inclusive of movable or immovable property; and that the Civil Registry be also informed so that, based on the RUT of the defendants, the current registrations of motor vehicles they possess.

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