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ANO did not present any better pension reform proposal, said Petr Pavel in the debate

After a longer break, Deník returns to a regular series under the title What can we expect from the president. What happened at the Prague Castle on March 28 during the meeting of representatives of the coalition and the opposition movement ANO? The course was described by its direct participant and initiator, Petr Pavel.

Recording of the debate with President Petr Pavlo.

| Video: Diary

“I took the mediation effort very seriously and responsibly. That’s why I prepared for that meeting with the whole team. It was attended by two economic advisors David Marek and Vladimír Bezděk. I entrusted the moderation to Vladimír Bezděk, because pensions are his long-term expertise. He made it very important that we define all the arguments that will be heard there very simply and clearly, so that they cannot be interpreted in different ways. After each part, we made a short summary, when we returned to what was agreed,” the president described.

The government approved the pension reform:

Later retirement and support for families and disadvantaged people.  These are some of the main points of the pension reform approved by the government on Tuesday.

Pension reform: Among the most important changes are retirement, help for mothers

“I insist that the points I made public after the press conference, that is, the need to act, as the alternative of doing nothing is unacceptable, and also the need to extend the retirement age, have been agreed upon. The method was still to be discussed. The exchange of documents requested by both parties was also accepted. There really was a consensus on that and it was not contradicted in any way even at the press conference,” he said Peter Paul.

He added that he was of course sorry for the change of opinion. “The discussion that then developed in the media and, above all, on social networks, about who is lying or not, should not, in my opinion, be part of the political debate. It was essential to try to agree on something that makes sense for the majority of the population of this country.”

What about pensions?

It is evident that the coalition of five is declaring the government’s concept from a pen in the parliament Minister of Labor and Social Affairs, which the ANO movement unequivocally rejected in that basic principle. Will the approved changes last despite all the current rhetorical turns in the next election period?

“I don’t want to predict what will happen after the next election, or if some laws will be repealed or changed. The important thing is that everyone agrees that our pension system according to the current parameters is unsustainable in the long term. If it is not to end up cutting more and more money from the budget, some adjustments must be made. The government submitted a proposal, which, of course, not everyone has to perceive positively, but if we don’t have another, and unfortunately no better one has been presented, even though I called for it, then we have to take responsibility for what will at least partially stabilize the system, even if not fix it in the long term. If any more complex proposal appears in the future and if it is aimed at the long-term sustainability of the pension system and the entire public finances, I will only be happy and I will certainly support it,” the president emphasized.

How did the meeting at Prague Castle on the pension reform go? What did the representatives of the YES movement agree to? Listen to President Petr Pavel’s statement:

Source: Diary/Kateřina Perknerová

Tense atmosphere

Conjectures surrounding the castle meeting, registration, change of attitude, etc. did not help much to calm the atmosphere in the company. The last straw was the statement of the mayor Řeporyjí za ODS Pavel Novotný, who leaned on the musician Felix Slováček for a photo with the chairwoman of the KSČM Kateřina Konečná, but also his seriously ill daughter Anička. The chairman of the ODS parliamentary club, Marek Benda, admitted that it was over the edge.

Czech Prime Minister Petr Fiala.

We hit the goal of the ANO movement, which is objectively recording Russia, said Fiala

Should the ODS expel Novotný from the party? “This is primarily an internal matter of the ODS. In my opinion, vulgarity does not belong in the public space. Public figures, whether they are mayors, ministers, prime ministers or presidents, should definitely not express themselves in this way and should try to suppress passions rather than arouse them,” replied Pavel.

Should the ODS be excluded from the party of the mayor of Repory, Pavel Novotný? See how President Petr Pavel reacted:

Source: Diary/Kateřina Perknerová

The return of Ukrainians home

TOP 09 thinks that Prague should reach out to Kyiv and advocate for male Ukrainian refugees subject to military service to return home and help their country on the battlefield. Should the Czech Republic make any effort in this regard? “Such a solution would require a change in the legal conditions, because under current laws we cannot force anyone to leave our territory because of legislation in force in another state. If an agreement is reached at the pan-European level, then it would be good if the Czech Republic was also part of it. So far, I have no information that such an EU-wide solution should come about,” said Pavel.

TOP 09 wants Ukrainian men to return home from Europe and help their homeland on the battlefield. Will Prague initiate a pan-European solution? Will President Petr Pavel get involved?

Source: Diary/Kateřina Perknerová

China as a pillar of the new order

Chinese president You are Jinping he visited France, Hungary and Serbia, each country for different reasons and in a different framing. Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán stated that China is the pillar of the new world order. How should we perceive her? Is it a business partner, friend, rival or security risk?

Czech Foreign Minister Jan Lipavský held talks with Hungarian diplomacy in Budapest.

Foreign Minister Lipavský did not convince Hungary about Ukraine

“Perhaps I would adhere to the formulation used by Viktor Orbán that China is a pillar of the world order. But I would edit her so that she should be. And that’s because it is undoubtedly a world power in most evaluable areas. As such, it should assume greater responsibility for global security. Therefore, I would welcome China’s participation in the already announced peace conference on Ukraine in Switzerland, because there its economic and military weight could mean a significant shift. However, if China engages selectively in bilateral relations, I would perceive it more as an application of the slogan divide and conquer than as an effort to be a global stabilizing element.”

New Minister for Science

In the coming days, the President will appoint a new Minister for Science, Research and Innovation, which he will become Marek Ženíšek from TOP 09. Does Czech science need government representation with this agenda?

Kateřina Perknerová

Not only TOP 09, but the whole government was embarrassed

“I am convinced that supporting science, research and innovation should be our priority. It is one of the things that, in sports terms, can keep us in the first European league. It is good if it is also represented at the ministerial level. I am not in a position to recommend to the government what ministries should exist or who should be ministers. I respect that the government has agreed to present the name of a new candidate. I will speak with him on Tuesday and based on the conversation and the priorities we will discuss together, I assume that his appointment could take place this week,” said Petr Pavel.

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