Pavel discussed pension reform for the first time on March 28 with the Deputy Prime Minister and Jurečka and with three ANO representatives. He announced afterwards that all parties agreed that the age retirement will have to be extended in the future. The opposition movement subsequently denied the agreement. On Monday, the politicians were supposed to talk, for example, about early retirements in demanding professions, according to Pavel, all parties should provide each other with documents. Today, the castle stated that the materials were delivered by the interested parties on time, with the exception of the ANO movement.

Pavel expressed disappointment at ANO’s decision not to participate in the meeting. According to the Castle, the President perceives the topic as socially important and long-term, which is why he tried to create a space for political discussion between the government and the opposition. According to the president’s office, everyone agreed on Monday’s meeting date and its content at the last meeting, Pavel considers the cancellation by letter on Thursday afternoon unconstructive.

In a debate with Deník, Prime Minister Petr Fiala said that his government is doing a lot for the agreement with the ANO movement:

Czech Prime Minister Petr Fiala.

Pension reform? We are doing a lot for the agreement with the opposition, Prime Minister Fiala said

“Following the public speeches of representatives of the ANO movement on the topic and the sending of the letter, the president considers further talks in the current format pointless, and the position of ANO on the topic of pensions is sufficiently obvious,” Hrad said. “However, the President of the Republic will continue to focus on the important topic and will maintain the planned meeting and follow-up negotiations,” he added.

Jurečka pointed out that ANO politicians first confirmed the meeting. He pointed to Sunday’s statement by the head of deputies of the movement, Alena Schillerová, in the program Otázky Václav Moravec. “I have to say that I am sorry for the approach of ANO to such an important topic. It’s such a key topic. I would expect that responsibility will prevail over cheap politics, political marketing and vote-getting,” said Jurečka. He emphasized that reform is needed, so that they do not have to “dramatically reduce pensions or dramatically increase taxes” in the future. According to the minister, the ANO movement is “throwing a pitchfork into the reform”.

Jurečka had previously promised that the government would not discuss reform changes in pensions until Monday’s meeting at the Castle. He said today that he “waited patiently”, but is now ready to present the proposal to the cabinet for consideration on April 30. He mentioned that he is also ready to continue discussing adjustments and setting parameters until the so-called second reading of the law in the House of Representatives.