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Anna Loos, Lilo Wanders and Sandy Mölling: Anna Loos, Lilo Wanders and Sandy Mölling |

Music plays a big role at the Bad Hersfeld Festival this summer. That’s why acting staff who have a lot of talent were hired. There will also be a reunion with audience favorites for the audience.

Actress and singer Anna Loos, drag star Lilo Wanders and “No Angels” singer Sandy Mölling are on stage at the Bad Hersfeld Festival this season. The open-air theater festival announced parts of its ensemble on Tuesday. The 73rd festival season opens on June 21st with the premiere of “The Threepenny Opera”.

Loos as “Jenny” in the Threepenny Opera

In the classic by Bertolt Brecht directed by Michael Schachermaier, Loos plays the role of Jenny. She is Mackie Messer’s lover who becomes a traitor. Festival director Joern Hinkel is pleased about Loos’ acceptance: “I know her as a stirring singer, but of course also from films as an actress who often gives her characters a fragile conflict, a glowing restlessness, and she always radiates radiance in everything an abyss with.” That makes her a “fascinating actress.”

Abbey ruins during the Bad Hersfeld Festival

Loos and Wanders share a role

Loos has already held many television and film roles, including the lead role in the series and detective inspector “Helen Dorn” (ZDF). She was also one of the leading actresses in the award-winning series “Weissensee” (ARD). In 2006 she received a lot of recognition in the musical “Cabaret” and was successful with the band “Silly” and also solo. Her single “Alles Rot” reached second place at the Bundesvision Song Contest in 2010.

Loos will be unable to attend five dates – but the drag artist Lilo Wanders will take on the role of Jenny. For these performances, the festival deliberately wanted someone who would embody the role with as much contrast as possible and chose Lilo Wanders, whose real name is Ernie Reinhardt.

“Tough guy” cop plays the police chief

Aljoscha Stadelmann plays the role of “Tiger” Brown. He is known on television from the TV series “Harter Brocken” (ARD), in which he plays a police officer who often appears stupid but clever.

Simon Zigah plays Mackie Messer, the gangster king of London, in The Threepenny Opera. Zigah was part of the ensemble from 2006 to 2009 and has had “a great theater career” since then, says director Hinkel. He can also sing amazingly – a key qualification for this year’s festival.

Music plays a special role

Music will play a crucial role in all of the pieces this summer festival. Therefore, director Hinkel made sure that the ensemble not only had dramatic skills but also had musical talents.

The director of the Bad Hersfeld Festival, Joern Hinkel

This will also be important for the piece “Like in Heaven”: Sandy Mölling is there. The “No Angels” singer already impressed in Bad Hersfeld in 2016 as Elisa in the musical classic “My Fair Lady”.

Henry Arnold takes on the role of star conductor Daniel Daréus. Other roles include Horst Janson and Brigitte Grothum, who will once again enrich the festival after successful stage appearances in Bad Hersfeld. It was already known that Wolfgang Seidenberg (“Marienhof”, ARD) was also there.

“As in Heaven” premieres on July 26th. On the program There is also the musical “A Chorus Line”, the revival of the family play “The Little Ghost” and the comedy “The First Name”.

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