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“And how are we going to straighten out our country? “. Charles SANNAT’s editorial

My dear impertinents, dear impertinents,

I talk a lot about collapse, not to harm the morale of the masses, but because we have to name what we are going through.


We are experiencing a systemic collapse specifically in France.

The school system is not collapsing in China where TikTok is used to broadcast videos of science experiments to young Chinese and bans those under 14. For us, it’s a tool for lobotomizing our youth with the cowardice of parents who no longer want to fight or who haven’t understood the dangers of screens. I am not even talking to you about the teachers themselves infected.

The French security system is collapsing. This is not the case in Portugal or Spain. I’m not even talking about Switzerland or Austria. It is a French security collapse. Specifically. Thank the cowardice and demagogy of most of the left so permissive that today’s excesses are preparing a terrible backlash.

The judicial system, the energy system, the transport system and our trains, everything, I mean everything is collapsing and I will not even speak to you again about the hospital for which only Brigitte Macron still finds that « we have luck « .

This creeping collapse for 40 years is accelerating on the one hand and is accompanied on the other hand by an explosion of the deficits and the debt of our country subjecting it to the ukases of international financiers.

So let’s ask this very important question and which is symmetrical to our reflections on the collapse of our country, the heritage of those who have none whatever their origins.

How to straighten out France?

I have many ideas to share with you on this subject, I have been thinking about these themes for years.

Let’s start our thoughts by starting with what not to do to straighten out France.

Do you believe that France will be straightened out by remaining in Europe which is systematically unraveling and disarming our State. The very logical idea to understand when analyzing history is that never, never has a state been created other than by destroying what pre-existed! If Europe wants to become the United States of Europe then the nation states must be destroyed. This is one of the great causes of our collapse. There will be no recovery of France possible in this conception of Europe. This does not mean no Europe, it means the return to a Europe of nations based on the principle of subsidiarity and voluntary service. In short, a Europe of cooperation, not a Europe of obligations with Institutions sold to global lobbies.

Do you believe that we will redress the country by remaining demagogues, permissive, and without courage? I am talking here about moral values.

Do you believe that we will redress the country by making believe that we can succeed without working, not having selection, letting people believe that everything is equal, that everything is the same?

Do you believe that we will straighten our country without working? A lot. Hard. More ! This does not mean that we have to turn into huge labor camps. No, it means that we all have to work and participate in the recovery. There will be no spontaneous recovery, just as there was no rebuilding of our country after World War II that came from the Holy Spirit! It took a lot of work. Build, innovate, think, invest and tighten your belt! There were no 35 hours a week or « moral harassment ».

Do you believe that the country will be straightened out by scaring away the rich and the billionaires? Do you think so for a moment? With the highest fiscal pressure in the world after North Korea, do you think that it is by putting even more taxes to have even more debts and deficits that we will recover the nation? How do you think the assistantship is financed? By the taxes paid by the rich! And by the ability of the state to levy taxes and therefore to reassure the financial markets about its ability to repay debts!

Finally, do you believe that it is by spending again and again more of the money that we do not have that we will rectify the situation.

The answer is no to all of these questions.

If we want to talk about the recovery of our country and the ideas or policies that would make it possible, then we must first discuss and think about the conceptual framework of recovery, which I have just done in broad strokes here.

No recovery will be possible without the belief shared by the majority that it will take hard work, hard work and yes… tightening your belt considerably because you cannot have a recovery with 3,000 billion euros in debt and deficits astronomical budgets for more than 40 years now!

Straightening the country can only be done if everyone understands that we must spend less than we earn and that there is no magic money. Never.

Taxing more is not possible, even Bruno le Maire was terribly ironic yesterday on TV about the “millionaires” from tax-free countries who want to be taxed more.

Listen to it, it’s hilarious…

There is no magical wealth. Never.

Let’s not forget magical thinking and as Hollande President said, “it doesn’t cost much, it’s the State that pays”.

But the state is you. It’s us.

We pay for everything with misery, collapse, debt, taxes or inflation.

There is nothing free.

More precisely, there is nothing without effort. Individual or collective.

This is why I say and repeat that the essential thing is not to make those who are already working work longer, but to put everyone to work.

Not just to « earn » money, but because there is a country to be rebuilt, dams to be built, power stations to be built, factories to be reopened, roads to be repaired and redone, hospitals that have need arms, sick people who need to hold a hand. We need everyone to build the collective future and the country of tomorrow.

Nothing will be done sitting on our sofa watching Netflix and vomiting the logorrhea who think they are generous by taxing the “rich”. All this, in reality, hides 40 years of collective laziness.

Of abandonment.

Of cowardice.

Of permissiveness.

Do you want this country to be straightened out?

So first of all everyone will have to understand that they will have to work.

My personal analysis leads me to the present state of things, that this realization will arrive, necessity being law, after the collapse.

Strong men create times of peace. Times of peace create weak men. Weak men create hard times.

When there is no more magic money then we can talk about recovery.

We are, each of us righting.

Recovery is a collective idea.

A shared vision.

A common goal for a better future for all.

But… it takes work and commitment.

A lot of work.

The work of all, far from Netflix, the sofa, the RSA and Christmas gift vouchers or those from the CCAS!

We are not there yet.

It is already too late, but all is not lost.

Prepare yourselves !

Charles SANNAT

“Insolentiae” means “impertinence” in Latin
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