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Analysis of his cell phone and special protection: the Prosecutor’s Office’s siege on the key witness of the triple homicide of police officers in Cañete

The investigations into the triple murder of the police Carlos Cisterna, Sergio Arevalo and Misael Vidal, recorded at dawn on April 27 in Cañete, are increasingly limited.

Almost a week after the crime, the Public Ministry already has more clarity about how the events occurred, clearing up some initial doubts about the attack. For this reason, the expert reports are now focused on two points: the version provided by witnesses and the review of evidence collected at the scene.

In the early hours of Saturday, April 27, it was determined that the three police officers went out with all their equipment to review compliance with the house arrest of Carlos Antihuen Riquelme (37). In the first instance, there was talk of “preventive measures” that they took on the route, but that has already been ruled out, since the evidence collected so far indicates that the uniformed men came to carry out the precautionary control of Antihuen, in Cañete, they killed them in that sector, and then they were transferred to route P-72, where they were found. burned aboard the truck.

It has already been established that, at least, there are two places of the event: the land where they carried out the control and the kilometer 24 of route P-72where they set fire to the patrol car and the bodies of the police officers.

Another question that existed was about the protocol carried out by the troops. The three got out of the armored truck, a situation that does not usually occur, although that has already been cleared up by prosecutors and police of the OS-9 of Carabineros.

Upon arriving at the controlled party’s home, at least one stayed in the vehicle, when the rest went down to open the site gate. It was there, according to sources in the case, that they would have been attacked, leaving them at a disadvantage against the attackers, which motivated those who were in the truck to get out to provide support. That, until now, remains under analysis, awaiting more expert reports.

It was just after 12:30 a.m. and, therefore, there were few witnesses to the incidents. In the investigation, some neighbors already testified that they said they had heard gunshots, but the most valuable testimony, for the moment, is that of Carlos Antihuen.

Antihuen He was at the time of the attack and, therefore, since the Prosecutor’s Office began investigating the case, he has been the subject of various interrogations. Although the Public Ministry indicates that his procedural status in the case is that of a witness, that does not mean that as the investigation progresses he will change, at some point, to that of a defendant.

The 37-year-old man was serving a precautionary measure for an arrest of which the August 30, 2023, in Cañete, for the crime of carrying illegal ammunition, an illegal offense for which he was later formalized.

Although they do not have a criminal record, they do have two previous arrests for infractions related to the Drug Law.

In his round of statements before police and prosecutors, Antihuen also handed over his cell phone for investigation. What the experts are looking for are your call traffic, as well as messaging in which there are clues about the crime that, so far, points to an eventual ambush.

The one who gave some clues about what he remembers was his mother, who told TVN that “heand a police officer shouted and told him: ‘Drop down, get on the ground!’ That was all he told her.”

Given the relevance of Antihuen’s testimony, it is maintained with protection and care measures to avoid threats or intimidation that can restrict his story before the Prosecutor’s Office and, in addition, the police maintain an intense search for a vehicle associated with the witness – a red truck – that would have been stolen by the criminals at the time of the escape.

For now, the Carabineros teams deployed in the area remain on alert to carry out procedures to help in the arrest of the perpetrators of a crime that removed the police intern and that became a priority “number one” for the Public Ministry.

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