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An unusual connection? I want to try a beer-flavored macaroon, the confectioner plans

Two years ago, the regional creator opened her own shop, where she offers designer jewelry under the brand Kousek tebe, and bakes macaroons. At the time, she herself had no idea where her initially “crazy” idea would lead. Thanks to her passion, the place L°Macronka was born, where those interested can indulge in sweet pleasure in the form of French confectionery. “I am a creative soul. I need to get my creativity out, it fulfills me to bring ideas to life,” stated Tereza Plášilová.

Tereza Plášilová decided to celebrate her two-year anniversary in style. Customers can look forward to new flavors of macarons, namely raspberry with pepper, Irish coffee and prosecco. There will also be refreshments and a small surprise gift for every purchase.

As she herself admitted, she originally did not want to celebrate. “I came back from Paris last Thursday, so I’m a bit in a slump. But then again, I think it should be celebrated,” she pointed out confectioner.

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It usually offers fourteen different types of macarons every day. Classics such as vanilla, lemon, raspberry or pistachio are supplemented with variations. Among the most popular flavors of the sweet temptation are raspberry and pistachio. Last year, she baked approximately forty thousand macaroons, the number the year before was half that.

The macaroon recipe has been the same for many decades, the confectioner must follow exact procedures and weigh the ingredients. What you can experiment with is the filling, which is also the bearer of taste. This is a chocolate ganache. Plášilová uses Belgian or French chocolate and pays attention to the quality of raw materials.

Tereza Plášilová has fallen under the spell of macaroons, she has been offering them in her shop for two years.Tereza Plášilová fell under the spell of macaroons, she has been offering them in her shop for two yearsSource: with the consent of Tereza Plášilová

“Reality exceeded my imagination. Two years ago, I would never have dreamed that I would be baking so many macaroons a week, I would have six delivery points and I would be thinking about how to keep up with it all,” she confided.

Plans for the future

Tereza Plášilová tries not to rest on her laurels. He plans to launch a new website in cooperation with UVM interactive. They are still inventing new flavors. She would like to try “beer” for the summer a macaroon with flavored sour cream and also a combination of fruit and herbs.

After the holidays, she plans visually impressive and most importantly tasty macaroon cakes. In the past, she bought a new travel display case, so she will also participate in various outdoor cultural events such as the Tatra mountains, Jablonecká perle or regional harvest festivals. Already this Sunday, he will have a stand at the With the family to Vesca event.

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“I’m still enjoying it, I’m still happy when the little bastards do well and don’t burst. I think that the concept of the store was successful and it is nice to do only one thing and properly. I was convinced of this after returning from Paris,” concluded Tereza Plášilová’s narration.

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