“I have never seen anything like this in my life. The female hatched from the cocoon and the next day a male was already sitting next to her,” he revealed Diary beekeeper.

Wing span this moth can be up to 16 centimeters long. On the hand, it covers the entire palm with its wings. The cocoon is up to eight centimeters long.

You rarely come across Europe’s largest butterfly in the Czech Republic:

Martináč pear tree

Europe’s largest butterfly covers the entire palm. You rarely come across it in the Czech Republic

The butterfly is found in southern Europe, northern Africa and some areas of Asia. In Central Europe, we can meet him in the southern part Slovakia and exceptionally in South Moravia in Bohemia, Kolínsk or Polabí.

It flies at dusk and after dark from late March to August. During the day, they sit on tree trunks or on the walls of houses. Mating takes place mainly at night.