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An imaginative photographer has a forest in her living room: Look at the children as if they were from fantasy films

Kateřina Suder’s magical photographs evoke in a person a whiff of old times and fantastic worlds. Under the nickname Kachna, the photographer from Orlová mainly focuses on portrait photography. She focuses on taking family photos and taking pictures of children. Kateřina Suder explains that she is greatly inspired by film lighting and also the complete naturalness of photographed children.

From the work of Kateřina Suder, a photographer nicknamed Duck.

| Photo: with the permission of Kateřina Suder

How did Kateřina Suder get into photography? She recalls that it has been about 13 years since she observed the growing trend of photography offers on Facebook.

“Back then, everyone started a page with their name and the nickname ‘photography’. Their work seemed quite ordinary to me. But soon I managed to come across photographers who enchanted me with their dark fantasy work, which I also wanted to try. But I didn’t want to go with the crowd, so instead of the name enriched by the already mentioned ‘photography’ title, I used my nickname ‘Duck’,” says Kateřina Suder from Orlová.

After the birth of her son, she began to profile herself as a family photographer:

Since then, Kateřina Suder has created a number of photographs on the border between fantasy atmosphere and vintage photography, thanks to which she gradually won over her clientele. There was real interest in her photos, as evidenced by the exhibition she held in her hometown of Orlová. However, she wanted to stop taking pictures when her son was born.

Comeback with a family photo shoot

When the photographer’s son was growing up, she created different photographic scenes with backdrops for him. It was often necessary to invest a lot of time in such preparations, so Kateřina Sudet thought that she could share it with others.

An example of the creative process of Kateřina Suder, a photographer who calls herself Duck:

Source: Youtube

“When my son was 1.5 years old, I returned to photographing clients after more than two years. At that time, I discovered articles about a respectful approach to children (based on the approach of respectful education, where both sides are respected – child and parent, editor’s note). I became more interested in the psychological development of children and communication with them. Today, I try to apply all this knowledge when taking photos, when I don’t put any pressure on the children and give them all the time they need to look around,” describes Kateřina Suder.

“Recently, I came across a recommendation for photographers to take pictures of the child within 10 minutes of arrival, taking advantage of the fact that the child is calm and relaxed. I have it the other way around. I want to have the real face of the children in the photos, when they feel safe, laughing and having fun. A frightened expression may look good in artistic portraits… but I can work on artistic portraits with the child in a different way – only after we get to know each other properly and he trusts me,” he adds.

Film footage is the inspiration

When one looks at Kateřina Suder’s photographs, one of the first things that comes to mind is a filmic atmosphere and almost filmic scenes. A lot of this will be helped by the lighting, which can do wonders with the photo.

Like from movie scenes:

“I color stylize the photos into cinematic lighting, where the contrast of orange and blue tones is used. In films, this can be noticed in darker scenes when the actor is lit in orange – the light source is a candle and the darker background is in blue tones,” explains Kateřina Suder.

He also publishes completely unedited photos. “That’s my goal – to set the scene in such a way that it is interesting and there is no need to edit it in a graphics program. That’s why my sets are an experience and I enjoy the reaction of clients when they see them,” he admits.

The scenes for all her photo shoots are created at her home:

For the previous Christmas photo shoot, the photographer Kachna created a “forest in the living room”. When the clients went through the whole house, came to the room with the crystal chandelier and saw coniferous trees around, dirt on the ground and a pile of branches, they were said to be seriously shocked.

The focus is uniqueness

Kateřina Suder has not yet come across a person with a similar focus on creating unique scenes.

“A classic photographer buys a canvas, puts a few decorations in front of it and is done. Sometimes I also use the screen, but most of the time you can’t even see it, because the whole scene is built between it and my lens. I make the props myself and often share photos of the creation on Instagram. For example, viewers can see how I create a ‘greenhouse’ for a spring photoshoot out of Plexiglas, wood, glue and dust,” explains the photographer, known as Kachna, how she creates her own scenes for photos.

Her goal is to capture the complete naturalness of the photographed children:

Dreams for the future

What is the dream photo that Kateřina Suder would like to take? Her idea is clear. “In the foreseeable future, I would like to create a dreamy photograph, expressing a deeper idea of ​​motherhood, which will awaken feelings in people,” she says. And that’s also because she is a loving mother herself.

“I am planning to have my own studio, which would have an extension to the exterior – it would make it easier for me to move branches, trees or trunks. For the last year, I have been creating in a small room, which is a little over 2 meters in length and width, so I would welcome such a change. It’s also always been my dream to have a photo on the cover of a book, and maybe that will come true in a few years. The successful writer Lenka Pastorčáková returned to Orlová. She is enthusiastic about my work and maybe we will work together in the future,” says photographer Kateřina Suder.

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