It was 1928, when a then new car set off for the legendary Mille Miglia car race Alfa Romeo 6C 1500 Super Sport. Alfa Romeo won the 1,621-kilometer marathon, which only less than half of the starting crews covered. It thus started a series of 11 victories in the Mille Miglia and the new car gave its brand several more prestigious gold crowns in the coming years.

It was the Super Sport version that offered the highest performance at the time, although at the end of the twenties it meant today’s laughable 85 horsepower and a maximum speed of 155 km/h. Today’s special edition Alfas, named after the legendary racer, exceed this performance many times over. Giulia and Stelvio they have a 2.9-liter twin-turbo six-cylinder that offers 520 horsepower, transmitted to the rear wheels (all on the Stelvia) through a mechanical limited-slip differential. A six-speed manual transmission can also be selected for the Giulia sedan, although most cars will come with an eight-speed automatic.

Check out the special edition cars in the official video as well:

Source: Courtesy of Alfa Romeo

Altogether, 450 cars will be produced as part of the special edition – 275 Giulia sedans and 175 Stelvio SUVs. Each car will have its unique number embroidered into the headrests, just below the Super Sport inscription. And there are many specialties. For the first time ever, cars will get new carbon trim with a 3D structure and red coloring for their interiors. Carbon also appears on the body, where there is a combination of standard and specific elements. Both cars have a carbon hood, the Giulia then an active front spoiler and may also have a carbon roof. The mirror covers or elements in the front mask are also carbon. Another interesting feature is the four-leaf clover logo, which is the first time in the history of Alfa Romeo that it is made in black.

You won't find many classic sedans on the market today - the Guilia is also very well designed.

The Alfa Romeo Giulia Q4 Veloce is an ode to joy and driving fun

Although the press photos show both cars in black Nero Vulcano, there will also be a choice of the typical red Rosso Etna and for the Giulia a white Bianco Alfa. The Giulia gets nineteen-inch wheels as standard, while the Stelvio gets larger twenty-one-inch wheels. There was no word on the price, so the question is how much more expensive the numbered limited edition will be compared to the standard Quadrifoglio models – the Giulia QV currently starts at 2,199,000 crowns, the Stelvio QV will cost 200,000 more.