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ALÈS A petition for the cleanliness of the surroundings of the Panséra school, in Rochebelle

Signed by 150 people, a petition launched by a student’s mother calls for more frequent visits from municipal services, even though trash and even syringes were found nearby.

The courtyard of the Panséra school, on the quays of the Rochebelle district • François Desmeures

A first letter was sent in November 2022, to the town hall, from a parent delegate, Sarah Lachhab, who denounced the “presence of glass bottles of alcohol, cans, broken glass as well as syringes around the school as well as in the playground“. The letter also mentions homeless people carrying out their natural needs in full view of school children, and requests the intervention of municipal services.

Seeing nothing coming, Sarah Lachhab turned to the petition. “It’s getting worseshe testifies. All parents were asked to sign.“The student’s mother mentions, in addition to the list drawn up in November, dog droppings and always broken glass.”I called the town hall several times.“Today, if the immediate proximity of the school gates seems clean, you only need to get closer to the labor market to still see a recess lined with garbage for several months.

Near the school • DR

Objectif Gard left a message for the deputy in charge of school affairs on Thursday, September 28, which has remained unanswered since.

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